Stress Management

What is the meQuilibrium System?

The meQuilibrium System is an online stress management application. Think of it as a way to offer a personal stress reduction coach to 100% of your employees that is affordable, convenient, and measureable.

The meQuilibrium system employs methods from cognitive behavioral therapy that have been proven to work to uncover the root causes of stress and retrain thinking to build resilience.

Who Is It For?

Organizations that are serious about improving both the well-being and the productivity of their employees. The program works equally well for small, medium and large organizations with one or more locations. You can segment, analyze and track your employee populations by division, location, function, management level, or any other grouping you desire.*

The program is offered to all employees at every level on an annual basis.

* Each group should have at least 30 members to provide statistically meaningful data.

What Does meQuilibrium Include?

The meQuilibrium System Elements

The meQuilibrium System includes a scientifically developed and proven, yet easy to use, assessment and toolkit for first determining the sources of stress and then remedying them. Participants follow a guided program toward greater peace of mind, focus, and energy. Management gets an in-depth look at the forces within their organization driving stress and impeding higher engagement.

In addition to set up, launch, and ongoing support the program includes:

For Participants:

Individual Stress Assessment Test – 140 questions that reveal what is causing stress

Personality Type Report – We’ve identified six stress personalities. Most people have elements of all of them with one dominant type. Knowing which type you are is the first step to managing stress

meQ stress profile– An in depth look at thinking patterns, ideas and attitudes that keep us stuck in stress mode

Personalized meQ skills building plan – Each plan starts right at the point of most stress for each individual and progresses from there. Participants pace themselves, learn skills, and reassess to see progress.

Skills Library – The entire library of skills is available to all participants at all times. Along with their guided program, participants can choose to work on other skills whenever they want or need them.

Anytime, Anywhere Access – Participants can access the program from any internet connected device at any time and there is a free mobile meQ app available in the iTunes store for quick stress tips and exercises.

For Management:

Organization meQ Score – How stressed is your organization and in what way? Knowing what causes stress gives you the power to change it.

Corporate meQ Stress Profile – A custom report that analyzes the aggregated data of your employees and provides a level of insight into your organization’s state of well-being unavailable by any means until now. The report includes detailed information for each group you have set up and proposes complementary interventions that can make your health and wellness initiatives more effective.

Efficacy Reports – Lets you know how much progress your organization is making by group and in total.

Enrollment and Participation Reports – We recommend you track this bi-weekly or monthly.

How Does Implementation Work?

Rolling out meQ to your organization is easy. In most cases your employees can be using the program within weeks.

A typical rollout looks like this:

Week One
  • We develop your private, branded meQuilibrium environment
  • We build your branded landing page with group names and welcome message
  • We provide you with promotional materials for launch within your organization
Week Two
  • You approve/comment and we create final environment, landing page, and launch promotions
  • Final launch date is set
Week Three
  • Launch
Week Four – Six
  • Initial baseline for tracking and reporting
  • We work with organizations that want to integrate meQuilibrium into an existing corporate wellness portal or intranet, we will provide our API and technical support.

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