Are you Stressed?

meQuilibrium is a personalized
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quite simply, will change the
way you respond to stress forever

Take our FREE stress assessment to identify the root causes of your stress, and get your personalized plan to dial down the stress in your life.

What’s a Stress Personality?

Stress may be universal, but your response to it is highly personalized—the culmination of not only who you are, but what you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned (directly or indirectly) and how you feel at the moment stress hits. While some may find it easy to stay upbeat in the midst of chaos and adversity, others may become dejected and overwhelmed. Some can’t sleep, and some can’t get out of bed.

The meQuilibrium team has spent decades researching how stress affects individuals. This research has shown that there are five ways people respond successfully to stress. Each type has unique strengths and weaknesses—knowing your stress personality can help you appreciate the things you do well and point you toward the skills you need to cultivate.

Take your Stress Assessment

It starts with our unique meQ Stress Assessment. This insightful series of questions is designed to evaluate and pinpoint the exact areas that create the most stress for you. You will instantly receive an in-depth report of your results, yours FREE to keep.

Get your Personalized Action Plan

meQ then goes to work analyzing your Stress Assessment and prescribing personalized skills designed to help you make the changes you need to mitigate your stress response. Our tools help you measure and score your program so you can track your results and see your progress.

Start reducing your stress

Our 24/7 support system is there when you need it, where you need it. And since it is a program built just for you, it works with your day and your lifestyle. Members experience amazing results in as little as 30 days!