meQ Gateway

Power Your Ecosystem

meQ Gateway uses advanced algorithms to match employee needs to your HR ecosystem services, providing people with the intervention they need when they need it.

meQ Gateway leverages predictive psychometric insights collected through the meQ Engage platform, and uses advanced analytics combined with enterprise data, to direct employees to the right health and talent solutions at the right time.

The Challenge

Using data to serve your population.

Business Impacts


HRA data alone can get you
to 70% accuracy for predicting
depression, burnout, pain,
and sleep

meQ Validation Study

Human Impact


Improved predictive boosting
power by adding the meQ Score to
the analysis for depression,
burnout, pain and sleep.

meQ Validation Study

Optimizing programs and services

By leveraging proprietary psychological and behavioral insights at the individual level
to build adaptive and agile workforces

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