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We’re thrilled that you want to learn more about meQuilibrium – the benefit you heard about from the Target Leave and Disability Team. meQuilibrium is an online coaching program to help you feel more resilient, balanced, and capable—no matter what your day brings.

Fact is, there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t feel stressed. But when you change the way you respond to stress, you change everything. And that’s what meQuilibrium helps you do.

Here’s How to get Started:

1. Download the meQuilibrium Select App

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2. You will be prompted to activate your account by entering your employer identifier: TGTA

3. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll answer questions designed to identify the root causes of your stress and get your own personalized plan to manage the stress triggers and situations in your life.

Soon you’ll have a fresh new approach, feel more positive and have more energy. Go ahead, start giving yourself some “me” time.

How it Works

1. Take the meQuilibrium Stress Assessment designed to evaluate your individual personality type, thinking patterns. habits, and lifestyle, and pinpoint the areas that create the most stress for you.
2. Discover your own personal Stress Profile. Based on your responses, you’ll instantly receive an in-depth analysis of not only where your stress is most pronounced, but the way your unique thinking and lifestyle habits got you there. And then we give you a personalized prescription of skills to help you make the changes you need to mitigate your stress response.
3. Use it when you want, how you want. We recommend 5 to 10 minutes a day and one longer session of around 15 minutes per week.

How Do You Know It Works?
meQuilibrium is the culmination of fifteen years of research in positive psychology and integrative medicine spearheaded by psychologist Andrew Shatte, Ph.D. and Adam Perlman, M.D. Drawing on the ideas and practices of cognitive behavior therapy, Dr. Shatte developed and tested the core components to improve levels of resilience in adults and children.

Personalized, Self-Paced, and Confidential
Your meQuilibrium program is personalized and your results are completely private. meQuilibrium will keep your individual information confidential. Only aggregated information will be provided in reports to your employer to understand how people use the program. meQuilibrium will sooth your stress and change your life … with no hassles or extra stress for you!

meQuilibrium Helps You:
– Recalibrate your thought patterns, effectively springing you from the traps you’ve created.
– Understand the connection between mind and body so you can reduce fatigue, chronic pain, and abdominal distress, improve sleep, energy, and positive outlook to name a few.
– Organize your life and relationships in a way that looks and feels manageable, comforting, even inspiring – so that every little speed-bump in your day doesn’t throw you off or derail your mood.
– Cultivate and support a more meaningful world view – one in which you feel connected not just to the people around you but the world at large.