Making yourself a priority means regularly checking in with what you deserve – and making sure you’re getting it. Today’s experience will help you get a better picture of what is draining your energy and what you can do to replenish it. We’ll leave you with quick tips and techniques that you can do anywhere and at any time.

Before you get started, take a deep breath, forget about what you have on your to-do list and just focus on YOU!

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5-Minute Mood Boosters

On one hand, it doesn’t seem like enough time to really do anything. And yet, five minutes can also feel like an eternity (think: stalled elevators, awkward conversations).

The fact is, when used the right way, a five-minute moment can shift your mood dramatically—and become the difference between a more defeated or more resilient you.

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Banish Your Burnout

man smiling at work

It’s 10 am on a typical work day. You‘re juggling multiple tasks with a heavy workload and deadline pressures. More than that, you’re one hour in and already exhausted. Yawning through meetings, you prop yourself up with a steady drip of coffee. As the afternoon approaches, your energy dips further, taking your motivation and productivity down with it. Sound familiar? This is more than tired—it’s burnout.

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