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Welcome! This page contains all of the information and materials you need to introduce meQuilibrium to your team.

meQuilibrium is a powerful digital coaching program to help people and teams become more resilient. When employees are more resilient, they adapt well to change and adversity so that they can perform at their best. meQuilibrium’s resilience training is based on the same science that is used with the U.S. military to stay strong and calm in the face of challenges, and research shows that resilient employees miss work less often, are happier in their jobs, and are less likely to quit.

It is simple to introduce meQuilibrium to your team, whether you are looking to reinforce the benefits of using the program, to encourage people to enroll, or to start conversations about resilience. There are three sessions to choose from; use one, two, or all three—it’s up to you—each takes just a few minutes.

Not sure how to talk about meQuilibrium? Click here for basic talking points and an FAQ.

Session 1: Introducing meQuilibrium

Introduce meQuilibrium to your team with a 2-minute video and a ‘How to Get Started’ handout.

Video: What to Expect

Handout: How to Get Started

Print and hand out to your team.

Session 2: Learn More About Resilience

Hear directly from our resilience expert, Dr. Andrew Shatté , in our short video, accompanied by a handout of resilience habits for your employees.

Video: What is Resilience?

Handout: 7 Habits of Highly Resilient People

Print and hand out to your team.

Session 3: Learn More About How meQuilibrium Works

Share with your team how meQuilibrium builds an individualized journey for each person with our short ‘How meQ Works’ video, and hand out ‘10 Things to do with meQuilibrium’ to your employees.

Video: How meQ Works

Handout: 10 Things to do with meQuilibrium

Print and hand out to your team.


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