meQuilibrium is the wellbeing and performance platform that harnesses behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and AI to empower a workforce facing uncertain times.

How Can meQuilibrium Help You?

From managing organizational change to increasing employee wellbeing, we provide a solution for some of today’s toughest business challenges.

Equipped for the Challenge

Businesses in transformation require a resilient, innovative workforce with the agility to look for new solutions, navigate problems, and drive growth while remaining positive and present.

The Challenges



of executives agree that building agility skills is critical to business success.1

lack of preparedness


of companies consider themselves change agile.2

Need for upskilling


of current core skills will be outdated by 2020.3

1Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Trends, 2Mercer 2018 Global Talent Trend Survey, 3World Economic Forum’s 2016 report, The Future of Jobs

Improve Connection to Work

Building a culture of high engagement and performance is one of today’s biggest challenges. The key is resilience—a set of skills that builds growth mindset, improved focus, and agile problem-solving.

Resilience is Mission Critical

The Engagement Challenge


of employees are not engaged.1

Resilience: The Solution


greater work engagement for highly resilient employees.2

High value employees are at risk


of highly educated and paid employees are low in resilience.2

1 Gallop State of the American Workforce, 2 meQ Utrecht, 3 High Education and Income Do Not Guarantee a Resilient Employee

Beating Burnout

Stress can lead to burnout, poor behavioral health, and work habits than can drive healthcare costs and reduce productivity. Resilience builds the skills and mindset needed for emotional and behavioral change.

The Challenges

A Widespread Issue


of employees reporting high stress. 1

The Cost of Burnout


the estimated annual cost of burnout.2

Drives Absenteeism


stress related absences a day.3

1 CommPsych, 2 The World Economic Forum, 3 American Institute of Stress/NIOSH


Build Minds Ready for Today’s World of Work

The meQuilibrium Suite

power your people

Help employees succeed in work and in life with a personalized skill-building experience.

power your teams & leaders

Build agile teams by making informed leadership decisions and modeling resilient behaviors.

power your organization

Connect talent development to company values with active collaboration.

Rooted in cognitive science, the meQuilibrium suite, powered by the #1 resilience platform, uses predictive data-driven insights and collaborative technologies to deliver cognitive performance gains that accelerate growth.

The Impact

meQuilibrium delivers scalable, measurable, and meaningful improvements for individuals and organizations.



More likely to have
high job satisfaction

meQ Validation Study



Less likely to miss at least
one day of work per month

meQ Validation Study

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