Reduce Effects of Stress

Learn to rewire your stress response with 7 sessions of meQuilibrium’s Re-Boot Camp

What's Your meQ Score? Find Out!

Finally – an objective measure that puts you in control: meQ is all about what makes you tick: your unique Balance Quotient – it’s like your IQ score, but it measures how you balance the good and bad things in your life.

Higher Score = LESS STRESS + MORE BALANCE = More Calm.

See what buffers you from stress or frankly, makes it worse. Trust us, no two people are alike – you will see your unique profile and ranking for 28 factors:, like: Motivation, Worry, Anger, Optimism, Home Stress, Connection to Work, Emotional Eating, Fitness, Time Management and Clutter.

Knowledge is Power: Your meQ score points out how to achieve the balance you need to stay in control of your life.

Built on Proven Cognitive-Behavioral Science

The science shows that our thinking styles are powerful drivers of our ability to manage our stress. meQuilibrium harnesses the latest science in cognitive-behavioral therapy to help people gain control.

The technology that powers meQ is the culmination of fifteen years of research in positive psychology and integrative medicine spearheaded by psychologist Andrew Shatté, Ph.D., and Adam Perlman, M.D. The result is a cognitive behavioral approach to address, assess, and improve all areas of your life—particularly those most vulnerable to the negative effects of stress.

Andrew Shatté, Ph.D. (Chief Science Officer) has been researching resilience and stress for over two decades and has developed effective programs for children, college students, and corporations. He is a co-creator of the meQuilibrium program. Read more

Adam Perlman, M.D. (Chief Medical Officer) is board certified in Internal Medicine, and is the Executive Director for Duke Integrative Medicine.Dr. Perlman has championed a holistic approach to health and wellness for the past 14 years, and helped spearhead the development of Integrative Medicine programs for several large healthcare systems. Read more

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