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“One of meQ’s differentiators is the predictive nature of its analytics and identification of various risk factors across a company’s population such as productivity impairment, anxiety, depression, and burnout... to inform people strategies, programs, and service offerings.”


Global Research Analyst

The World’s Leading Workforce Resilience Expert

meQ gives you the insights to drive your HR strategy, and the critical skill building–individually and collectively–to help all your people build resilience, not just to move forward, but to truly rise above.


meQ’s Workforce Resilience Suite reveals the root causes behind workforce risk, provides segmentable campaigns to address those areas of vulnerability, and measures the positive impact across employees, teams, and the organization as a whole.



up to 29% reduction in turnover


reduction in burnout


reduction in mental health risks



accessibility in 14 languages


with HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and WCAG-AA


75% reduction in presenteeism

The Customer Experience

Built for today's
biggest workforce challenges

Prevention that protects your business

Predict risks to employee well-being like burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression, and take targeted actions that proactively address these issues.

Create a change-ready culture

Empower your workforce to meet the challenges of change and uncertainty proactively through resilience. With science-backed training, employees build the skills needed to optimize their own well-being and growth.

Make smarter, data-based decisions

Understanding what people need, from a holistic mental, emotional, and physical perspective, helps you make better investments in employer support and HR services.

“People risk is business risk. Every well-being program will tell you what you already know; that there’s burnout in your workforce. But can they tell you what’s causing it? And what to do about it? meQ can, with proprietary data analysis that uncovers the root cause of your most serious workforce impairments, and precision upskilling that addresses these risks, at scale. The result is a culture of engagement and well-being, with real impact on business performance.”

Jan Bruce
CEO and Co-founder, meQuilibrium

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