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Everyone is talking about resilience. So we brought together the real experts and strategists to share their stories. Learn how to rely on resilience and move forward, together.

On Demand Sessions

  • Keynote | Creating a Culture of Resilience
    with Andrew Shatté, PhD

    Resilience is an evergreen skillset that becomes critical in times of great uncertainty. Resilience is a set of 7 competencies that can be measured, practiced, and boosted in individuals to enhance their well-being, productivity and performance, physical and emotional health, and their mental wellness and happiness. But the system surrounding individuals impacts their resilience also, for better and for worse. In this keynote we detail 7 aspects of organizational culture that are crucial to optimizing individual resilience. We examine the power of mentoring, integrity of system, transparency, open communication, corporate values, positivity, & the power of meaning, mission, & purpose. When these conditions are in place, the engagement, health, well-being, and resilience of our people is maximized. This session will provide concrete skills for you to empower your organization with a culture of resilience.

  • Resilience RealSpeak Breakout Sessions
    Stepping Forward into a New World of Work

    Many of the actions companies have taken in 2020 due to the sweeping changes in the world can be characterized as responses designed to minimize risk. Moves that have increased focus on remote work, employee health, and racial inequity could be described as “backing away from the past” as opposed to “stepping into the future”. It is time to change this thinking. The world has changed permanently. While we do not know where it is going, one thing we know for sure is it will not return to the way it was. This roundtable will start with an overview of major lessons we have learned from studying employee responses to the changes of 2020, followed by a conversation on how companies can begin to view these changes as opportunities for growth and not just threats to be managed.

    True North: How Marriott International’s people-first culture paved the path forward despite global turmoil

    While every industry has been adversely impacted by the global pandemic, there are certain companies and industries that have had their people and business strategies pushed to the limits. Marriott is no exception. Join Lance Bloomberg, Vice President, Employer Brand and Communications and Colin Minto, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Planning & Employer Brand EMEA as they share how Marriott’s people-first culture has been their true north and has inspired them to serve their associates by investing in resilience, enabled leaders to demonstrate empathy, and how data is informing their people-first strategies for the future.

    Why Resilience Matters: Unlocking the Science

    The word resilience is everywhere these days – but what does it really mean to be resilient? Uncover the extensive resilience science that underpins the meQuilibrium platform in this session with Dr. Wendy Lynch, researcher and author of a number of meQuilibrium scientific papers and articles. You’ll learn about the association between resilience and stress, health conditions, work satisfaction, and job burnout. Dr. Lynch will share some surprising findings as well, including why “high strain, low control” jobs in particular require resilient workers, why a worker’s education and income levels can’t be trusted as an indicator of resilience, and the special relationship between resilience and agility.

  • Resilience RealSpeak Breakout Sessions
    Driven Forward by Data: Understanding the Value of Resilience

    Interested in making the business case for a resilience-based well-being solution or how to engage and energize well-being stakeholders across your organization? Join Qualcomm’s Melissa Real and Brad Smith, meQuilibrium’s Chief Science Officer, for an interactive discussion on the challenges and opportunities leaders face in communicating with stakeholders about the business value of resilience. Learn about the value of data in moving from a physical “wellness” orientation to a whole-person well-being perspective, and using population well-being data to engage HR and business leaders across the organization.

    Blurred Lines: The CHRO Perspective with Melanie Foley

    In this fireside chat session, meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce will lead a frank discussion with Melanie Foley, the most senior HR executive at Liberty Mutual. The “blurring lines” between well-being and talent development are critical levers for organizational agility, employee experience and a resilient culture. Learn how the two play together in the strategy of the HR leader of a diversified global insurer employing nearly 50,000 people in over 800 offices throughout the world.

    Ahead of the Curve: Top Tech Employers on Workforce Well-being

    Tech companies are often on the leading edge of new cultural trends—months if not years ahead of society as a whole. This may be the case for certain workforce trends as well, given the relative scarcity of top tech talent. In this discussion with two leading global tech employers and moderated by Lisa Yee, President and Executive Director, Silicon Valley Employers Forum, you will learn and take away key strategies for supporting well-being and how to help employees navigate the myriad services and support available to them.

  • Keynote | Collective Care: Rehumanizing Organizations for Resilience and Racial Equity
    with Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEM

    Leaders of organizations are and will continue to face the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of the internal and external operating environment. Our ability to facilitate professional, personal, and organizational resilience requires us to accept and prepare for the inevitable challenges and change as a result of VUCA. We will explore how the concept of collective care can inform our thinking and behavior to strengthen our resilience and advance racial equity.

  • Keynote | Shifting from Coping to Capable: How Personal Journeys Impact our Organizations
    with David Casey

    Not to be dramatic, but let’s be realistic: 2020 has the potential to make us or break us as individuals, organizations and communities. David Casey chooses to believe it will make us. But knows from experience, both personal and as a people leader, that it will take purposeful work to get there, and fellow leaders need to answer the call.

    Now more than ever, it’s critical to both turn your own personal insights into action, and make the connections that will empower an entire organization to do the same during the rapid fire change of today’s world. With reflection, empathy, perseverance, analysis and at times a little humor, now is the time to lean in and lead. Immediately following this keynote, conference participants will be assembled into facilitated discussions to share challenges and ideas with peers, and create a plan for moving forward.

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