People Analytics

Make smarter business decisions

Make data-driven business decisions for a sustainable, resilient workforce. Help your organization identify risks and growth opportunities to inform your workforce strategy.

People Analytics

Make smarter business decisions

Make data-driven business decisions for a sustainable, resilient workforce. Help your organization identify risks and growth opportunities to inform your workforce strategy.

Employers concerned about well-being risk need the right data at their fingertips to understand, predict, and respond.


of companies see HR analytics as a high priority for their organization
Source: SHRM


of organizations don’t have a process for analyzing workforce readiness
Source: i4cp


of HR leaders don’t feel that their people analytics platforms deliver actionable insights
Source: Oracle

How do you know if rampant burnout is impacting your business? The truth is, most employers don't. You need the tools to measure burnout, and a practical way to act on that data.


Prediction is the key to prevention

meQ’s Workforce Resilience Suite gives you real-time data and insights on the well-being and performance of your workforce holistically, at the subpopulation level, and against industry benchmarks.

Get ahead of problems

With meQ Workforce Intelligence, aggregated and anonymized data pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities within your population. Make data-driven business decisions, support employee needs before they become costly problems, and better prioritize future investments.

Take action that takes your teams to the next level

Stop guessing what regions are facing challenges, which team members might be ready for the next step in their career, or what age groups need a helping hand.

Workforce Campaigns empowers HR leaders to identify strategic actionable areas and deliver corresponding meQ mini-courses to address areas of concern, remediate issues, support employee development, and build a culture of growth within an organization.

Data that demonstrates value

meQ Workforce Outcomes measures the impact resilience has on your population by linking meQ data with your outcomes against key business KPIs.

We can work collaboratively with you or a third party to measure how we delivered on goals such as lower turnover, reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity, and more.

Turn Risk into Readiness

Global Well-being on a Local Scale

Christine Fossaceca, JPMorgan Chase’s Executive Director, and Judith Bess, Head of JPMC Employee Assistance Program, share why they’ve designed their mental well-being and resilience strategy with a global approach and a local mindset.

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Drive Meaningful Change

meQ delivers tangible results, for your employees and your bottom line.

What Our Customers Experience

“We've got what I really think is critical: the ability to track, almost in real time, what's going on. We can do an intervention in terms of a programmatic offering, or we can just have conversations whether it's with the manager and their direct reports. We facilitate a lot of conversations at Paychex and we know that we're bringing up the right subject areas that are meaningful and that will resonate with the workforce. You have a really limited amount of time to reach people so it's gotta be what matters to folks otherwise they're not going to pay attention or be able to take action and you're missing an opportunity.”

Jake Flaitz - Director of Benefits & Well-being Paychex

"We used the resilience factor heat map and found that employees in our business centers, such as individuals on phones, were struggling with somatic factors. Sleep, diet, exercise, and pain. We also integrated data from weekly polls. With all of that data, we were able to isolate this particular population and know where we needed to go with full support from leaders.”

Tom McDonough - Total Rewards Manager Ford Credit

“The fact that we can use that assessment to show our risk scores and how our overall resilience is improving is really fantastic. When I’m presenting to our behavioral health director, this matters.”

Christy Ewing - Former Enterprise Wellness Program Lead CommonSpirit

“Another great feature of meQ is the capability to get quite granular in the reporting. We were able to view results by demographics, seniority, and even by lines of businesses. This came in really handy during meetings with department heads and senior management who wanted to know how their own teams were doing mentally and emotionally compared to others in terms of the broader strategy.”

Dr. Winnie Ho - Asia Pacific Wellness Manager JPMorgan Chase

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