Results That Speak for Themselves

Don’t just hope you’re making a difference; know you are. Our workforce analytics predict performance and wellbeing risk to inform business decisions.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Don’t just hope you’re making a difference; know you are. Our workforce analytics predict performance and wellbeing risk to inform business decisions.

Workforce Resilience Drives
Business Results

When your workforce is 30% more resilient, your business is more productive and profitable, and your people thrive. But don’t just take our word for it.


10% less turnover,
saving an annual $4.8M
per 10,000 enrolled employees


Reduced by an
average of $300
per person, per year


Total average annual
savings of $1,432
per meQ member


Our workforce analytics reveal what’s impacting performance, so leaders can make more informed decisions about their people and their business in ways that enable the organization to shift and meet demands head-on.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“With any program that a benefits manager is rolling out, the hope is that it offers utility to employees, but also utility to the employer, the benefits team. The real value and power of meQ is unlocked when we give managers the tools and data that allow them, in real time, to see the mental wellness and the resilience scores of their team on an aggregated level.”

Josh Freund - Senior Benefits Manager US Roche Genentech

“meQ gives us an incredible opportunity to slice the data in the form of heat maps by country. So we now have an understanding of the particular areas of need and interest amongst our associates to inform our localized and program active efforts to enrich and support people's mental wellbeing.”

former Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Planning & Employer Brand, Europe, Middle East & Africa Marriott International

“The fact that we can use that assessment to show our risk scores and how our overall resilience is improving is really fantastic. When I’m presenting to our behavioral health director, this matters.”

Christy Ewing - former Enterprise Wellness Program Lead Centura Health

"We compared employee meQ users with employee non meQ users. In every category, costs were lower among the meQ participants than they were among those not utilizing meQ. The total allowed per member per month costs were significantly lower. Inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, professional pharmacy, every category was lower in those meQ users.”

Tracy Gallo - Well-Being Program Manager Florida Blue

“We always talk about integrating our programs. We want all of our vendors and our products and services to integrate with each other and by having a gateway available, that was a seamless way of making sure people are served up information that's relevant to them in a timely way without having to dig and search for it. We've really appreciated the partnership.”

Laura Young - VP, Benefits & Wellness Goldman Sachs

“meQ has played a large role in helping us raise our employees' awareness in regards to their emotional wellbeing and their resilience. It's also helped us as an organization too, to raise our organizational awareness about emotional wellbeing and resilience. Going forward, we're really looking to use these learnings to help move beyond awareness into positive action to help improve not only individual wellbeing, but organizational wellbeing.”

Melissa Real - Director, Americas Benefits Qualcomm

Highly Resilient Companies and the DJIA

Among meQ’s largest publicly-traded customers, those companies with the highest resilience scores outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 2.5x
(Dec 2015 – June 2022)

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