meQuilibrium is a digital coaching platform that delivers clinically validated and highly personalized resilience solutions to employers, health plans, wellness providers, and consumers increasing engagement, productivity, and performance and improving outcomes in managing stress, health, and well-being.

meQuilibrium is a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps users build resilience, beat stress, and adopt healthy behavior for life. The clinically validated, HIPAA compliant platform, delivers an individualized digital coaching experience via the web and mobile devices.

meQuilibrium services two key markets: large enterprise companies, eager to stem the estimated $300 billion they lose each year in employee absenteeism and lost productivity due to stress, and health plans seeking to drive differentiation and innovation in an era of consumer-driven healthcare. meQuilibrium also serves individuals looking to improve the quality of their lives.

meQuilibrium offers every user a confidential, individualized experience, created just for them. Users are guided through a journey that begins with a personalized assessment, followed by a long-term roadmap, which focuses on boosting critical skills to build resilience. In turn, intelligence from the aggregated meQuilibrium users fuels a new generation of helpful metrics and insights for the C-suite with snapshots on workforce well-being that can inform strategies and decision-making.

meQuilibrium’s digital program is based on the clinically validated research of Chief Science Officer and Brookings Institute Fellow Dr. Andrew Shatté, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adam Perlman, Executive Director of Integrative Medicine and Wellness at Duke University, and incorporates the latest thinking in positive psychology and integrative medicine.

“Stress is the #1 threat to employee well-being today—contributing to chronic health conditions, absence, lost productivity and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors,” said Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium. “Resilience is the antidote and the unsung hero in the wellness and health continuum. It can impact business in a way that wellness solutions don’t even begin to address. Building individual resilience is the pathway to improved personal performance and to unlocking the collective potential for every company. meQuilibrium is bringing the power of resilience to employers to impact hard core business processes and achieve measurable results, while boosting every employee’s personal sense of well-being.”