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We believe inside each one of us, there’s a more powerful person— a person who is confident, successful, healthy, and who remains undaunted in the face of any challenge before them.

meQuilibrium is the only clinically validated resilience platform leveraging behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and analytics to deliver transformative insights that change lives and businesses.

Our Values

We are serious about the value we deliver
and the values that guide our brand, science, and products.


At meQuilibrium we strive to be as open as possible not only in the workplace, but also when considering new ideas, partnerships and opportunities. We make every effort to be accessible to our partners and our users, through convenience, ease of use, communication and responsiveness.


meQuilibrium's solutions leverage a unique understanding of neuroscience and behavior change to provide our partners and users with the perspective they need to become genuinely resilient and realize their goals for transformation and growth.


meQuilibrium's solutions help individuals, teams and organizations increase agility and fine tune its application to assure success.


meQuilibrium’s solutions help create stronger connections to the work you do everyday and expand your life connections to increase life satisfaction and happiness.


Grit is the unseen force that drives meQuilibrium to create impactful resilience solutions that enable our users and partners to thrive personally and professionally.


meQuilibrium applies a growth-focused mindset to our own company when expanding and evolving our products and to our partners' companies when providing solutions that empower them to reach their fullest potential.

What We Believe

We live in a world of disruption, where the only constant thing is change.

In the office and at home, we push ourselves to be better at dealing with those changes.

We need to be able to gain the perspective that allows us to see the opportunity within a challenge and then be able to adapt and advance quickly.

Resilience is the skill that allows us to do just that: to face change head-on and come out in a better place.

And the good news is, science has proven that resilience is a skill that can be learned and refined.

By combining behavioral psychology, neuroscience and analytics,
meQuilibrium is able to deliver the insights that spark transformation for individuals and companies
and provide a detailed roadmap to personal and professional growth.

It’s time to transform your benefits program from an expense into a strategic advantage.

Experience the Resilience Effect™

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A Human Focused Technology Company

meQuilibrium focuses on helping people improve their lives—and the lives of those around them—through the use of secure, modern technology, leading edge science and innovative design.


Every user’s experience is customized to their needs and resilience level.


From 100 to 100,000 employees our solutions are engineered to help you grow and grow with you.


Our solutions track individual and population metrics in real time and provide you with the insights needed to make real change.


Our cloud-based solutions are compatible with nearly all modern devices allowing users to interact when and where they want.

What our clients are saying

meQuilibrium’s best-in-class solution offers mental wellbeing expertise that supports our associates who are managing the stress and uncertainty associated with disruption, transformation and rapid change

Dr. David Rodriguez - Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International.

meQuilibrium is a wonderful addition to our benefit offerings and a valuable tool for identifying and managing stress. We hope to embed the program into our business processes to help boost engagement and productivity. The best news, our employees love it.

Tanya Benenson, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer, Comcast NBCUniversal

meQuilibrium plays an important role in the wellness initiative at Meredith. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from participants when they use this tool.

Tim O'Neil, MBA, CEBS - Manager Employee Health & Financial Wellness

meQuilibrium played a big role in meeting a need that wasn’t being met—to create health, support behavior change, and keep costs down on medical claims.

Marymichelle Delaney - Associate Director of Human Resources Total Compensation & Operations, Wellesley College

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