Coronavirus Uncertainty

Respond with Resilience

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We’re committed to supporting our customers, members, and the broader community during these unprecedented times. Enact a response that prepares people to address uncertainty and anxiety with resilience.

"The coronavirus creates the perfect storm of fear. It’s in our genes to fear things like bears, tigers, spiders, or confined spaces. Unlike a bear or spider, we can’t see the coronavirus which makes us feel we don’t have control over it. There are practical and proven ways to help your people overcome this thinking and be ready for whatever the world throws their way.”

Dr. Andrew Shatte - Chief Science Officer & Co-founder meQuilibrium

Take a Moment to Meditate

Feeling uncertain about what’s ahead for you and your workforce? Want to practice focusing on the positive and finding your gratitude as a leader? Take a few minutes for yourself with our meditations.

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Learn how to create a protective, habituated shield of resilience for your workforce in times of uncertainty.

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