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What causes your employees to lose focus?


Daily interruptions, from “Where do I find that one document?” to “Can we brainstorm for a few minutes?” to “Please join us tomorrow for a mandatory training,” require employees to be in a constant state of context switching. Overtime, mental multi-tasking takes its toll and has a significant impact on personal focus and productivity.

In our monthly webinar with the meQuilibrium user community, we asked over 1,200 individuals “What causes you to lose focus?” to better understand what drains employees on a daily basis and where employers can improve support. Uncertainty and Boredom led the list. Take a look.


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Help Employees Find their Focus


Read: Address Boredom When Dealing with Distraction

Boredom creates stress. When you’re bored, you’re not only more susceptible to distraction—you court it, simply because it gives you something different to focus on. But giving in to distraction just puts a bandage on boredom instead of addressing it head-on. Here are a few ways you can stop boredom from taking hold of your team’s productivity.

Learn: Understand Uncertainty in the Age of Transformation

In our latest white paper, How Resilience and Agility Unlock Business Growth, HR must learn to focus on new skills that equip people to manage the increasing turbulence — skills like resilience and agility. Resilience and agility empower individuals, teams, and organizations to manage change, embrace it, and most important, be prepared for it.

Know: Find Your Focus for Agile Leadership

Our program teaches employees the skills they need in order to help them gain control over how they direct their attention, increase collaboration and performance among teams, and see the big picture to be strategic and in the work they are doing. Focus empowers individuals to build immunity during emotional turbulence gain the agility in order to stay unwavering in a crisis and keep an even keel despite life’s emotional waves.

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