How it Works

Our personalized resilience system prepares your workforce to manage burnout and develop complete resilience. This provides you with the data and insights your organization needs to thrive in the face of change.

Here's the Total Picture

meQuilibrium is the global, scalable, quick-to-deploy solution that addresses your greatest workforce challenges to help you stay ahead.

Starts with a Clinically-Validated Assessment

Robust, clinically-validated assessment identifies relative resilience strengths and weaknesses

Delivers a

Predictive models deliver a personalized and prescriptive journey to build individual resilience


Skills and resources specifically for managers and leaders to help them model resilient behavior and build teams that can adapt and perform


Robust analytics packages that help you understand workforce trends and get ahead of risks

Step One: Support Your Employees

The meQuilibrium system targets the mindset behind everyday behaviors so we can inoculate people with the skills and insights they need to become resilient.

Individual Resilience

Support 100% of your workforce

meQuilibrium helps your people understand the thinking patterns and lifestyle habits that cause them to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or at risk of burnout. The personalized program delivers a guided step-by-step approach to help build resilience and manage challenging situations. They’ll learn new skills or improve current strengths through daily content, activities, and short videos.

The impact our members see

"meQ benefits me a lot when I'm faced with adversity and stress. The push notification every morning reminds me to take a moment to take care of my mood, energy, motivation, and breath; the quote and article boost my energy and make me feel safe and calm."

meQuilibrium Member

"Over this past year, I have had to work through all of the external battles that our world has gone through as well as several significant internal battles. Building resiliency through therapy, self care, the meQuilibrium program and a strong support system has been one of the greatest feats I have accomplished. "

meQuilibrium Member

"It is so amazing compared to the other apps I have tried to make progress and track daily habits. I love that it has practical tools and such short but valuable, relevant articles. I enjoy the dashboard and the space to quickly reflect on gratefulness and the breathing exercise."

meQuilibrium Member

"I wanted to say how much I am enjoying meQuilibrium. The exercises are put together so well! I really am motivated and have an emotional “plan” for my day by setting an intention for the day. I have gotten so many positive ideas out of this program. I share it with my coworkers and family as well. 2021 looks bright, balanced, focused and resilient."

meQuilibrium Member

"What I love about the Jumpstart Your Health Challenge is that it reminds me that I can only control my actions, reactions and wandering thoughts by not getting caught up in them as they do not serve a purpose. The challenge is helping me stay present."

meQuilibrium Member

Step Two: Achieve Organizational Resilience

The meQuilibrium system then analyzes your workforce trends, providing you with clear insights about risks to wellbeing and performance, along with opportunities to develop people and optimize your HR ecosystem.

Organizational Resilience

Get ahead with analytics & insights about your workforce

With robust analytics and insights, get a deeper understanding of the organization’s top challenges and their impacts on your business. Our unique insights, with highly strategic segmentation, show what issues your workforce is experiencing, allow you to predict and address problems, and to understand how to strengthen your employees’ power to cope and thrive.

Our customers love meQuilibrium

"We love the data that we have access to directly from meQuilibrium. Especially the heat maps, which allow us to focus our attention on certain skill teams or business units, or even locations within the company where there is cause for concern. It also helps us get leaders in those areas on board by showing them data for their own organization. We also load meQuilibrium data to our data warehouse so that we can integrate it in reporting with other claims data and self-reported data."

Demmy McBride - Manager, Health & Welfare Benefits Ford Motor Company

"meQuilibrium is a solution that could support the workforce population in challenging times at home and at work: The intersection of individual purpose and the power of cognitive behavioral therapy to develop resilience."

Jonathan Gelfand - Global Manager, Well-being & Health Promotion Strategy IBM

"meQuilibrium makes it easy to integrate: the nimbleness and flexibility with the different modalities that are offered made it very easy to integrate across our system in different ways. The cross referral that we can do with our EAP through meQuilibrium has been critical to our success. We use the intelligent navigation within meQuilibrium, which has been key."

Christy Ewing - Enterprise Wellness Program Lead Centura Health

How it All Comes Together

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