Organizational Resilience

We are changing the way organizations adapt for the now and prepare for the future.

Responding to evolving market demands successfully doesn’t happen without a workforce of resilient people. Learn more about how our solutions enable long-term organizational growth.

Over the past 24 months the largest publicly-traded meQuilibrium customers with high resilience outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 116%.

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The Intersection of
Wellbeing + Performance

meQuilibrium puts actionable data and tools into the hands of executives and managers to help them build resilience throughout the organization. Connect resilient superstars to mentor colleagues looking to grow, so they too can manage through the impacts of change.

Deliver effective management skills and tools
Encourage team collaboration and mentorship
Foster an environment built to adapt and grow

When you invest in resilience, people are...


more likely to have very good or excellent health


more mentally agile


less likely to experience burnout

The Resilience Imperative

Uncover the science behind organizational resilience with our collection of data, outcomes, and more.
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What Our Customers Experience

Insights that reporting provides... [such as our] employee strengths and challenges. This gave us an opportunity to get other people in HR to think about how we can apply those insights, whether it’s [the way] we communicate with employees or the types of training.

Melissa Real - Director, Americas Benefits Qualcomm

meQuilibrium’s best-in-class solution offers mental wellbeing expertise that supports our associates who are managing the stress and uncertainty associated with disruption, transformation and rapid change.

Dr. David Rodriguez - Global Chief Human Resources Officer Marriott International

We recognize that some of our workforce may have challenges navigating work and personal lives. With most of our workforce working remotely, managers need to be aware of more subtle cues than before... Of course, we highlight meQuilibrium as a resource for our people. We're hoping... to normalize the conversation around mental health and show a comprehensive picture of how the firm supports our people.

Laura Young - Managing Director, Wellness, Human Capital Management Goldman Sachs

How do we address the source of the implicit, the systemic, the institutional, the behavioral, the unconscious, subconscious bias that led us to this, how do we get upstream on this? And recognizing that we PepsiCo can't do it alone, but we also can't afford not to be part of a broader solution.

Erik A. Sossa - Formerly Vice President, Global Benefits & Wellness PepsiCo

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