meQuilibrium on Racial Equity

Resilience as a Force for Racial Equity

As the CEO of meQuilibrium I want to share our thinking about how we at meQuilibrium are confronting a problem that is thornier, more insidious, and more deeply rooted than the pandemic we have been battling – racial injustice in America against Black people. At meQuilibrium, we have always believed that resilience is a skill that allows people to face change and challenge head-on and come out in a better place. That is what we as an organization are doing right now. We are committed to putting our science and technology to work to make resilience a force for racial equity in the workplace and to do that we are facing whatever changes we need to make in our organization, technology, product, and marketing to serve that goal. At this time it is now imperative that our values and the value we deliver to our members include a rich, varied, diverse and inclusive perspective.

So, what are we doing?

Checking for bias and driving positive change

We are working with independent experts to take a hard look at our science, technology, skills, activities, and messaging for inherent bias and to ensure that we are welcoming, relevant, and contributing to meaningful positive change for Black members.

Doubling-down on inclusive hiring

  • We are looking at recruiting practices, job postings, and forming new alliances to ensure we appeal to the widest talent pool possible.
  • We will quantify our hiring by capturing diversity statistics and sharing the results.
  • Our internship program will focus on bringing underrepresented and diverse candidates to meQ to begin their professional development. Specifically working with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and diversity driven programs.


Never stop listening—to you, to our customers, to experts—and to engaging in a meaningful conversation about concrete actions we can take. We will be open to challenging our assumptions.You are welcome to contact me at any time at

We think of our members as part of the meQuilibrium family and we thank you for being on this journey with us. As CEO of meQuilibrium let me say that we will be relentless in evaluating, restructuring, re-architecting our platform and our organizational practices and policies to deliver on our goals of diversity, equity and inclusivity. We recently became member of the Mass TLC Tech Compact for Social Justice - join us and others in the Massachusetts area to make resilience a force for racial equity. And on behalf of everyone on our team, to all of you, we commit to deliver the richness of an inclusive experience to serve you better every day.

- Jan Bruce, CEO & Co-founder