meQ Engage

Power Your People

meQ Engage drives individual and population resilience with a powerful combination of advanced analytics, clinically-validated assessments, and customized skill-building.

meQ Engage

Power Your People

meQ Engage drives individual and population resilience with a powerful combination of advanced analytics, clinically-validated assessments, and customized skill-building.

meQ Engage is a data-driven solution of clinically-validated resilience assessment tools and cognitive behavior change techniques. It is cloud-based, scalable, measurable, accessible, and global.

Impact on Talent & Business

Your people can adapt and improve

Talent Impact


less cynical about their work

2017 meQ User Study

Business Impact


as likely to quit

meQ Validation Study

How it Works

Step 1

Clinically-Validated Assessment

The meQ Engage experience begins with a clinically-validated assessment that identifies resilience capacity and the stress triggers that limit performance and agility.
Personalized Journey
Step 2

A Personalized Journey

The result of each user’s assessment is a customized journey of learning and activities, personalized to their needs—setting a path for maximum improvement.
Progress Tracking
Step 3

Simplified Tracking Tools

As new skills that improve adaptive capacity and well-being are mastered, progress is benchmarked and reinforced with clear communication.
Step 4

Highly Effective & Engaging

Clinically proven to increase resilience in direct correlation to program engagement. Engagement is sustained with motivating, timely reminders reinforcing key concepts.
Client Reports
Step 5

Transformative People Analytics

Population-level insights support and drive change across a total workforce, segmented by your organizational preferences. The data builds trust among stakeholders and brings behavioral science to culture transformation.

data that continually delivers

meQuilibrium applies proprietary analytics to a clinically-validated, 90-question assessment, prescribing the right skill-building activities for each employee. Aggregated insights identify population trends, strengths, and weaknesses.

Getting Started

A seamless solution that produces real results

Our products are designed to be flexible enough to fit into any corporate environment, across the globe, without fuss. We work closely with our customers using best practices to ensure we’re set up for success on all levels.

Leadership Education

Live training brings leadership as well as EAP counselors, behavioral coaches and on-siteclinicians up to speed.

Enrollment Materials

Multi-modal engagement strategies and turnkeyco-branded materials assure successful launch and ongoing promotion.


Easily integrated within existing HR platforms using the highest level of data security.

New! Engage Connect

Advanced algorithms to match employee needs to your HR ecosystem services, allowing your people to navigate to the intervention they need when they need it.

  • Boost engagement across your entire suite of HCM offerings
  • Better predict those at risk for costly issues impeding workplace productivity
  • Amplify impact and minimize costs by ensuring appropriate resource utilization
  • Identify employees with strong cognitive capabilities that can be further optimized

The Challenge

Using data to serve your population

Human Impact



improvement of individuals at
high risk for costly conditions
including anxiety, depression,
sleep disruption and stress

2017 meQ User Study

Business Impact


gains from improvements in predictive
accuracy, direction of individuals to
the most appropriate interventions,
and restored productivity

meQ Validation Study

What End Users Are Saying

I tried some of your suggestions because I was having great trouble staying asleep at night because of job and life stress. Result: I started sleeping through the night; and when I do wake up, it’s only for a short time because I use your suggestions and I go back to sleep. I just wanted to let you all know that you have turned me into a believer in your product; and I wanted to thank you for making it possible for me to sleep through the night again!

Mark - Customer Service Rep

This program has helped me manage stress on a better level, understanding and identify the different kinds of stress, and how to handle situations before they get out of control. I believe everybody should give the program a chance; you have nothing to lose.

Kathy - Administrative Sales Assistant

meQuilibrium is like a owner’s manual for myself.

David - Engineer

I used to take things personally, like I had done something wrong. Now I have the tools to stop myself and think about what’s really going on. For example, when I feel like someone is challenging me, I am more apt to ask myself, ‘Is this really about me? Or is this person putting their own problems on me?’ And then I take a deep breath and try to control my reaction.

Tara - HR Coordinator

meQuilibrium has helped by giving me new information and tips on how to relax and breathe in stressful situations and remind me of things I know I should do on a daily basis but forget to practice. I feel less guilty and more empowered to make self-care choices and feel more productive at work.

Lori - Systems Engineer

meQuilibrium has helped me put my stress in a different perspective. It’s made me realize that the burden did not have to be as heavy as I first thought. I love the can-do, immediate instructions on how to relieve stress or handle issues in a different manner

Valerie - Program Manager, Houston

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Using data to serve your population

meQuilibrium’s clinically validated resilience training system transforms lives and optimizes organizational performance. Let us show you how to make resilience work for you.