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Resilience changes how your workforce thinks and behaves in the face of stress and disruption—learning to see the opportunity in change, boosting engagement and performance. Because a change in perspective changes everything.

How can meQuilibrium help you?

Build an agile and engaged workforce

From better managing organizational change to increasing the overall wellbeing of your employees, we provide a solution for some of today’s toughest business challenges.


Power Your People

meQ® Engage is the foundation of the meQuilibrium system. Cloud-based, and globally scalable, meQ Engage uses scientifically-validated assessments to generate personalized training for each individual—building adaptive mindsets while reducing stress, burnout, and absenteeism.

Optimizing Engagement, Productivity, and Quality of Life


Resilient people are thirty one percent more engaged. 1


Resilient people experience half the stress productivity loss. 1


The most resilient people report two times the quality of life. 1

1 meQ® Validation Study


Power your organization

In order to maintain a culture of high-performance amidst constant change, your people need to be able to pivot quickly, problem solve, and remain focused. meQ® Empower equips teams with the agility and emotional intelligence to face challenges, innovate, and drive business outcomes.

Build emotional intelligence & Adaptive Capacity

Emotion Control

Learn to identify and address emotional reactions in team members and lead them to calm and focus.


Empathize with team members to help foster engagement, mentorship, collaboration, and team connections.

Work Connection

Empower teams to develop and sustain their connection to work, corporate mission, and goals.


Recognize negativity and help others to resist its effects by harnessing the power of acknowledgment.

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Power Your ecosystem

meQuilibrium’s clinically validated resilience training system transforms lives and optimizes organizational performance. Let us show you how to make resilience work for you.