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Resilience is a skill that can be learned and measured. meQuilibrium’s solutions empower individuals and teams to face challenges head on and come out on top.

meQ Engage

The meQ Engage solution is a cloud-based, scalable resilience coaching platform that builds adaptive workforces that are capable of finding new solutions to challenges, avoiding negative reactions and remaining confident about overcoming obstacles.

Optimizing Health, Productivity, and Quality of Life


Resilient people are five times as likely to have very good or excellent health. 1


Resilient people are eighty percent less likely to exhibit signs of depression. 1


The most resilient people report two times the quality of life as the least resilient. 2

1 meQ Validation Study, 2 meQ pre-post assessment study

meQ Empower

Being personally resilient is critical to being an effective leader but it is not enough. Leaders must engage in particular habits and behaviors. meQ Empower builds on the core skills established in meQ Engage and focuses on the critical soft skills necessary to model and mentor resilience company-wide.

Strong Improvement for Soft Skills

Emotion Control

Learn to identify and address emotional reactions in team members and lead them to calm and focus.


Empathize with team members to help foster engagement, mentorship, collaboration, and team connections.

Work Connection

Empower teams to develop and sustain their connection to work, corporate mission, and goals.


Recognize negativity and help others to resist its effects by harnessing the power of acknowledgment.

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meQuilibrium’s clinically validated resilience training system transforms lives and optimizes organizational performance. Let us show you how to make resilience work for you.