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We’ve launched new AI-driven features that expand the overall cognitive performance capabilities of the meQuilibrium suite.

The first data-driven solution of its kind that enables “active collaboration” between work colleagues and managers. Collaborate builds adaptive skills to manage the impacts of change and an organizational culture optimized for innovation.

How It Works

Values Match

Align your employees with your organization’s values and use predictive insights to identify what skills will help them close gaps.

Mentor Match

Connect resilient superstars to colleagues looking to grow. Guide them on how to set achievable goals and have productive conversations with a coaching plan and mentorship tools.

Executive Dashboard

Equip leaders with the aggregated and actionable insights that identify key areas for improvement and build upon your values.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We know that building a learning culture is a business imperative. We also know that in order to build a workforce of continuous learners, we need to develop learners with resilient minds.”

Sallyanne Oettinger - Learning Design and Development Leader IBM

meQuilibrium is a wonderful addition to our benefit offerings and a valuable tool for identifying and managing stress. We hope to embed the program into our business processes to help boost engagement and productivity. The best news, our employees love it.

Tanya Benenson, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer Comcast NBCUniversal

meQuilibrium plays an important role in the wellness initiative at Meredith. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from participants when they use this tool.

Tim O'Neil, MBA, CEBS - Manager Employee Health & Financial Wellness

meQuilibrium played a big role in meeting a need that wasn’t being met—to create health, support behavior change, and keep costs down on medical claims.

Marymichelle Delaney - Associate Director of Human Resources Total Compensation & Operations Wellesley College

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