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Power Your Teams & Leaders

A leadership infrastructure for agility and resilience inside your organization.

meQ Empower is a scalable leadership training tool for all levels of your organization. Potent yet easy-to-learn neuroscience techniques enable teams and leaders to navigate rapid growth, maximize performance, resolve internal conflicts, and execute organizational transformation.

The Challenge

In an agile, adaptive organization, a high level of engagement is critical at all levels of leadership. The reason? A leader’s engagement is contagious and to spread it, leaders need high levels of emotional and network intelligence, systems thinking, negotiation skills and resilience.

Business Impact


A majority of enterprise leaders
believe that leadership
needs to push boundaries

Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017

Human Impact


Only a minority of leaders are highly
engaged and have direct
reports who are also
highly engaged

Forbes, Fowler & Christakis, April 2, 2014

Building the Adaptive Organization

The secret to creating a high-performing organization

The secret to creating a high-performing organization is to build capacity among managers and leaders and agile teams that align with the corporate mission and deliver growth.

How it Works

Step 1

Model Resilience

Think and act with resilience and agility—increasing problem-solving capacity and modeling the behavior necessary for high-performance and to enable transformation and innovation.
Step 2

Mentor Resilient Teams

Effectively guide teams to calm and focus and manage emotional reactions to create the psychologically safe team environments essential to building the persistence necessary for innovation and adaptation.
Step 3

Make A Resilient Workplace

Align values, lead with integrity, and build trust and integrity that demonstrates the organization’s values in moments of challenge. Promote organizational meaning, mission, and purpose.

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