The last two years have taught every business and HR leader the importance of resilience—the ability to operate under stress, adapt to change, and even thrive under uncertain conditions. It’s something we’ve helped a lot of customers do at meQuilibrium. We’ve seen the wellness industry, now valued at $45 billion dollars globally, skyrocket and how HR can take a critical role.

With an eye on 2022 and the road ahead, we teamed up with Josh Bersin to publish Business Resilience Arrives: the Well-being Market Matures, his latest research on business resilience. This research was recently discussed in a webinar with Josh, meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce, and Jill Sochor, Global Leadership Development Manager from Ford.

In Bersin’s report, a key trend is identified that takes well-being a step beyond programming and coaching for mental health. Bersin’s research delves into readiness, risk detection, cultural commitment, and data as four dimensions of business resilience.

Resilience is a strategy, not a program. Organizations like Centura Health, Ford, and Genentech have made great strides in fostering readiness among their workforce and leaders. These leading companies are committed to strengthening their culture, leveraging data, and analytics to drive impact. They’ll inspire you to do the same.

The bottom line: Resilience is imperative for a healthy organization, to prepare for whatever comes next. Business resilience has arrived.

Download your copy of Business Resilience Arrives: the Wellness Market Matures. Watch the Business Resilience: 4 Strategies for HR webinar on-demand featuring Josh Bersin, meQuilibrium CEO and Co-founder Jan Bruce.

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