Andrew is a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Executive Education, a former professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and currently on the faculty of the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona.

He has published prolifically in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life’s Hurdles and meQuilibrium 14 Days to Cooler, Calmer and Happier.

Shatté has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals over the past two decades to build their own resilience and coping skills, with demonstrated success in bringing about long-term change in productivity and performance.

He completed his undergraduate education in his native Australia, and completed his Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked on the first programs in positive psychology.

A highly acclaimed teacher and TED presenter, Shatté is a sought-after speaker