Proposed Content Share For Limeade

meQuilibrium is happy to provide the following proposed content to equip your sales team in providing an “introduction to resilience” that can be built into your platform and readily available to stand on its own.   In offering this content to Limeade, we would like to discuss placement, indexing and appropriate branding. Please review the content below utilizing the links provided and let us know if this approach meets your needs.

Video: What is Resilience

Meditation: Pause

Meditation: SOS

Blog: 5-Minute Mood Boosters

On one hand, it doesn’t seem like enough time to really do anything. And yet, five minutes can also feel like an eternity (think: stalled elevators, awkward conversations).

The fact is, when used the right way, a five-minute moment can shift your mood dramatically—and become the difference between a more defeated or more resilient you.

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Blog: 7 Habits of Highly Resilient People

The most resilient among us make it through the worst of times—and we don’t do it by accident. Are some people born a little more resilient than others? Sure. But make no mistake: Building resilience is something anyone can do—and needs to in order to thrive in the face of stress.

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