An Open Letter to Our Customers and Friends

We’ve been in the resilience business for a long time, and we’re inspired by the resilience everyone in Texas is showing. We’re watching from afar, but our hearts and minds are in Texas, and we wanted to share our thoughts and a few words of guidance for anyone affected by Harvey and its aftermath.

In times like this, our experience is that what matters to people is support and sympathetic help. And this is an ideal time to show that kind of empathy. It goes without saying, and we’re sure you are already doing it, but practice flexibility, whether you’re recovering yourself or helping family and friends who have been affected. It will be a long road.

During times of tragedy and trauma, research shows that it helps to stay calm, focused, and to problem-solve, even in the toughest of circumstances. Like you, we’re seeing an enormous amount of empathy, and we’re moved by it. We see people reaching out—and we’re seeing the Texan optimism it’s so famous for. Even as you’re going through these negative events, please pay attention to the positivity: The social connection and the positive values that are being demonstrated as people help strangers and pull through together.

Even after the flood waters subside, there will be residual effects. We hope you can find a measure of relief in resilience.

– Jan Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder
– Andrew Shatté, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder