Ep. 78: Daily Habits to Help You Bounce Back

This podcast originally appeared on SUCCESS.com

On this week’s episode, we learn about the power of resiliency. We hear lessons from Dr. Andrew Shatte, and we hear how Josh’s resiliency was tested recently.

– Josh and Shelby talk about internet surfing worm holes and the invention of the slinky. Learn why resiliency seems like an easy concept that’s actually quite difficult in practice.

– Andrew Shatte lists the seven competencies of resiliency:
Emotion control
Behavior control
Impulse control
Problem-solving ability
Realistic optimism
Competency for dealing with good times

– Shatte developed a questionnaire based on the seven competencies to determine how well a person deals with unexpected outcomes, failures and negative times in their lives.

Favorite quote from this episode:
“Just as there’s a radar that leads to sadness, there’s one that leads to happiness. We can help people look for what’s going well in their lives so they experience that happiness, too.”

―Andrew Shatte