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When did everyone get so angry? I don’t know about you, but I am seeing more anxiety, anger and aggression in my interactions every day. If you think this troubling dynamic is on the rise, you’re right: Forty percent more people reported high levels of anxiety last year, on top of a 36 percent jump in 2017.

Anger and associated behaviors are skyrocketing in the workplace too. Sixty-two percent of workers report being impacted by incivility at work at least once a month, and 75 percent of employees say they’ve been affected by bullying—two million American workers per year report being victims of workplace violence.

While we should be looking for solutions to this on a broad social level, in the meantime we have work to do. Building resilience not only prepares employees to adapt and manage stress, but it equips them to handle challenges with agility and a growth mindset.

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