Healthy and Happy: How 3 Boston Tech Companies Achieve Employee Wellness

by Justine Hofherr

This post originally appeared in Built In Boston

Responses by Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium

Why is health and wellness so important to meQuilibrium?

We’re an organization about encouraging, building, and supporting well-being. And we value it highly as an organization. This comes through in small ways and big ways.

It starts with our values. Our goal is to walk the walk with what we do everyday in the office, on the road, and with clients. We aim to be a model of what we help other people strive for.

Our values reflect and encourage how we aim to express ourselves and relate to each other every day; to create and maintain the kind of workplace we want to work in. Our six values are: Positivity, Collaboration, Transparency, Purpose, Passion, and Resilience.

How do those values show through at meQuilibrium?

Yesterday, one of our UX designers sent an email to the company inviting us all to go to the Greenway for lunch, to get outside and enjoy the unusually nice day together. This is actually an activity in our program — it’s what we tell our users to do — and we try to do it, too.

We’re a team of people who make time for exercise because it’s an essential part of managing stress. Folks are supported to workout when it works for them. I like to play tennis early. One of our developers runs most days around 4 p.m. Some go to the gym over lunchtime.

Any other wellness initiatives?

When any new employee starts, they do a “bootcamp” introduction to our product and our science, and they start the program themselves. We want people to connect with the mission and product, no matter what department you sit in. Well-being starts from within and connection to work and aligning your work to your values is crucial. This creates purpose and passion, and these are the feelings that grow and catch people — and together create a positive working environment.

Today, we launched a campaign to breakup with your stress —whatever is stressing you out most in your life. Whether that’s procrastinating, not taking enough time to relax, checking your email before bed, perfectionism. We’re doing it with our users. And we did it internally first. Check out some of the pics of our staff. The campaign is about taking back control of your stress. Join the movement and post yours! We are using the hashtag #breakupwithstress