meQ Introduces Pioneering, Proprietary sparQ Generative AI Into Its Workforce Resilience Platform

1st Workforce Gen AI Well-Being Tool Enhances the Ability to Identify and Address Root Causes of Key Workforce Engagement, Performance and Well-being Risks

Organizations collect complex sets of data about their workforce, but it’s often a challenge to identify the underlying psychosocial factors impacting risks to employee well-being and performance, and act upon the data. Today, meQuilibrium (meQ), with its groundbreaking global database of workforce psychometrics, announced the launch of its new, proprietary generative artificial intelligence technology, “sparQ™”, which leverages meQ’s billions of unique human cognitive and behavioral data points to illuminate overall workforce risks in an organization and provide actionable, personalized interventions to individuals.

Developed by meQ’s interdisciplinary team of data scientists, software designers, software engineers and subject matter experts, sparQ employs generative AI and large language models, enhancing meQ’s machine learning capability to supercharge growth for individuals and organizations. Through hyper-personalization and natural language interface, sparQ can improve individual engagement and learning. meQ’s new generative AI technology will enhance and advance its already unrivaled insights and impact.

“sparQ makes psycho cognitive data more accessible and understandable to HR leaders so that they can take specific actions on the risks that are impacting company performance and can come at a high cost to the bottom line,” said Jan Bruce, CEO and Co-founder, meQ. “meQ’s proprietary, groundbreaking use of generative AI through sparQ enables businesses to more easily identify hidden risks that are driving diminished employee mental well-being and decreased productivity, such as burnout, disengagement, and anxiety, and provide better direction for remedial actions.”

With sparQ, the world’s leading companies can use meQ to obtain deep insights and key interventions that are operationally relevant to their business. This ethical, secure proprietary AI solution takes meQ’s science, research, and billions of psychometric data points to drive behavior change and provide specific interventions for individual behavior change.

“We are proud of our team’s achievement in developing technology that takes advantage of the power of generative AI’s capabilities within the meQ digital resilience solution,” said Bruce. “With this accomplishment, we are able to accelerate the critical role of workforce intelligence so that organizations can realize greater impact from their data – for both the individual and the entire enterprise.”

About sparQ
sparQ accelerates critical workforce data to address risks and impact business results by applying large language models and generative AI to identify underlying psychosocial factors impacting workforce well-being and performance. Delivering actionable and personalized interventions to global users, sparQ helps meQ members gain a deep understanding of their individual thinking styles and the behaviors that impact their performance. meQ applies its rigorous levels of privacy, and security standards to sparQ.