meQuilibrium Data Brings New Meaning to ‘Summertime Slump’

Sunburned or Burned Out?


Today’s top workforce health risk is stress, surpassing even obesity and inactivity. While emphasis is often placed on pressures within the workplace, there are many stress triggers, lifestyle habits, and thinking styles that can aggravate stress and negatively impact work and life. To shed light on these intricacies, today meQuilibrium announced key insights from the company’s extensive customer database. The data suggests a surprising trend—despite the many joys of summer, employees seem to be more vulnerable to life’s challenges during this time of year.

“Work tends to be the scapegoat for our sources of stress, however there are many other personal factors at play. These data insights regarding employees’ state of mind in the summer supports this point of view,” said Jan Bruce, co-founder and CEO of meQuilibrium. “We believe it’s notable that over two years, thousands of employees indicated they were more vulnerable to many of life’s challenges during the summer—a time that we all generally consider to be a little easier and more carefree.”  Read more