meQuilibrium Enhances Digital Resilience Platform with Series of Modules to Improve Sleep, Work Performance and More

This post originally appeared on Business Wire

meQuilibrium, the leading provider of workplace resilience solutions, today announced a series of enhancements to its meQ Engage product, cementing the company’s position as the leader with the most data-driven and comprehensive cognitive behavioral based digital solutions platform. The company’s flagship product, meQ Engage, now applies advanced analytics that prescribe individual solutions at scale using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The product currently delivers a highly individualized, yet accessible-to-everyone experience leveraging over 500 assets to help employees learn to be more resilient, spanning learning, assessment and practice tools across 63 tracks and modules.

The newest modules focus on developing skills related to improving sleep, dealing with trauma and grief, and communicating more effectively at work, all areas that are particularly timely and necessary in a climate in which anxiety has reached unprecedented levels. By empowering users to acquire these essential skills, the updated resilience skills platform enhances individual resilience and builds more successful organizations.

“In today’s fast-changing and highly stressful business environment, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. The performance of each team member has a direct correlation to overall business performance, which means that building resilience is one of the most important business strategies of our time,” said Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium. “Savvy business leaders are looking to help their workforces thrive and excel amidst all the complexity in today’s world—whether that means getting a better night’s sleep to be sharp for their workday or communicating effectively in adverse situations, or handling grief and trauma effectively. meQuilibrium delivers this scalably, effectively and thus helps identify and address potential risk factors for major mental and physical health issues in the future.”

The First Integrated CBT-I Sleep Program

Although a good night’s sleep is widely regarded as one of the most important foundations for performance and overall well-being, recent research from the Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health for the National Safety Council (NSC) found that an estimated 50-70 million people have a sleep disorder, often undiagnosed. For businesses, this can translate into millions of dollars in costs—with the NSC estimating that a U.S. employer with 1,000 workers would lose about $1.4 million dollars each year in absenteeism, diminished productivity, healthcare costs, accidents and other occupational costs associated with exhausted employees.

To help companies combat this major problem, meQuilibrium has introduced a new sleep track based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), a treatment proven to be the best for insomnia and sleep issues because it addresses the underlying causes of those problems. meQuilibrium is the first and only resilience solution provider to integrate a CBT-I skill building program into a holistic program that leverages prescriptive analytics. This eliminates the need for employers to invest in a separate sleep solution, while also reaping the benefits of being able to identify individuals who need support with sleep and related somatic and emotional stress areas at scale.

The sleep track helps employees reboot their entire approach to sleep in three stages: developing effective sleep routines, quieting one’s mind and building drive for sleep. In addition to better rest, improved sleep has been shown to have a measurable and significant halo effect on reduced chronic pain, sense of pressure, life satisfaction and overall peace of mind.

Additional Skills for the World We Live in Today

Getting a good night’s sleep is only truly beneficial if employees are also able to tackle all that comes their way at life and work during the day. To that end, meQuilibrium has introduced eight additional skills to meQ Engage that help individuals thrive in the face of adversity and become more resilient to a number of modern day challenges. These include:

-Being Resilient in the Face of Trauma – helping employees gain the ability to move through the healing process more easily. meQuilibrium approaches both how trauma effects well-being—such as one’s sense of control—and how to rebuild after trauma—including making belief systems stronger, taking care of one’s physical health and strengthening emotional well-being.
-Coping with Grief – enabling employees to address the difficult feelings that accompany grief and make a plan to move forward in the wake of loss. While there is no “right” way to grieve, there are resilient ways that can help people cope in their own personal way. meQuilibrium helps the user tap into their inner resilience to address the difficult feelings that accompany grief and make a plan to take simple, single steps forward in the wake of loss.
-Easing Chronic Pain – empowering employees to create self-management plans, which have shown great promise as a treatment, regardless of underlying condition. meQuilibrium provides a cognitive behavior approach to managing chronic pain by helping users uncover the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of managing chronic pain and understanding the stress-pain connection.
-Communication at Work – teaching employees how to influence listeners and have their message heard. In this skill, meQuilibrium helps users master how to have a difficult conversation, handle conflict with a co-worker, deal with toxic people and speak up for oneself.

The meQ Engage upgrades also include new features and structures to ensure Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliance, making it accessible to users with disabilities. More specifically the company has updated the text to have high enough contrast in menus, action buttons and other elements in the program for users with low vision or certain types of color blindness to use it and and screen readers can now work with the program.

Additional enhancements to the platform include an upgraded user experience and interface, expanded science within the analytics and a Spanish language version. All enhancements will be available to current Engage users. More details on Engage and meQuilibrium are available at