meQuilibrium to Share How Resilience Reduces Absenteeism and Improves Engagement at 2016 IBI Annual Forum

Feb. 10, 2016 – Employee stress is a growing issue and top priority of employers around the world, according to the 2015/2016 Global Staying@Work Survey which indicated that stress is the #1 health and productivity issue in the workplace, surpassing obesity and lack of physical activity. To combat this problem, employers and human resources professionals are seeking solutions to improve employee well-being, reduce stress and increase productivity at work. OnWednesday, February 17, meQuilibrium‘s CEO and co-founder, Jan Bruce, will present with Dr. Tanya Benenson, Chief Medical Officer and VP, Strategic Health Initiatives of Comcast NBCUniversal, Firdows Muhammad, Senior Wellness Specialist for the Comcast Global Benefits team, and  Wendy Lynch, Ph.D., founder of Lynch Consulting about the business outcomes of implementing resilience training in a highly stressed employee population at the 2016 Integrated Benefits Institute Annual Forum.

“With the prevalence of stress in the workplace today, employees need new a whole new tool kit to better respond to it. Resilience can be learned and leveraged to improve workers’ ability to manage stress symptoms, reduce distraction, and increase engagement,” said Bruce. “With resilience training, employees gain the tools and capability to better respond to stressful events. As we have seen through integration with several Comcast work sites, employees on the front lines who build resilience are less likely to be absent and are more productive at work.”

“There are many programs available to employers to help improve employee productivity, but meQuilibrium made the most sense for us,” said Benenson. “We were looking for a scalable and interactive program, and with meQuilibrium’s resilience coaching, we are already seeing promising results.”

meQuilibrium’s digital coaching platform delivers clinically validated and highly personalized resilience solutions to employers, health plans, wellness providers and consumers, helping to improve outcomes in managing stress, health, engagement, productivity and performance.

Bruce, Dr. Benenson, Muhammad, and Dr. Lynch will co-present “Employee Resilience: A Call Center Confronts High Absence with Empowering Health & Productivity Tools for the Workforce” at 9:45-10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at the 2016 IBI Annual Forum: Expanding the Value Proposition for Workforce Health – Connecting All the Pieces in San Francisco.

About meQuilibrium
meQuilibrium is a digital coaching platform based on the science of resilience that targets stress, supports productivity and enhances performance and well-being. The clinically validated, HIPAA-compliant platform delivers improved outcomes for employers, health plans, wellness providers, and consumers. meQuilibrium services two key markets: large enterprises, eager to stem the estimated $300 billion they lose each year in employee absenteeism and lost productivity due to stress, and payors and health plans seeking to drive innovation and enhance traditional services in an era of consumer-driven healthcare. To learn more about meQuilibrium, visit