meQuilibrium Wins TalentCulture 2020 HR Tech Award

Invites HR Professionals to Free Webinar on “The Role of Resilience”

Boston, MA (June 16, 2020) – meQuilibrium, the leading digital resilience solution, was honored for its innovations in the advanced use of technology and science to improve workforce well-being and engagement by TalentCulture’s 2020 HR Tech Awards. The awards recognize human capital technology companies that are delivering on a promise to improve employee metrics, engage employees and excel at what they do. meQuilibrium’s science-based software platform was chosen for its technology excellence in improving the quality of employee well-being and building resilient organizations through predictive analytics, machine learning and population metrics.

“We are honored to be selected for a TalentCulture HR Tech Award for our innovative work helping organizations navigate transformation,” says Jan Bruce, CEO and Co-founder, meQuilibrium. “meQuilibrium’s resilience-building technology solution is a proven platform for impacting learning, well-being, retention, and talent outcomes, and we thank TalentCulture for recognizing us as one of the most innovative HR technology solutions for 2020.”

“Our award program highlights the groundbreaking HR technology of 2020,” says Meghan M. Biro, CEO, TalentCulture. “We congratulate meQuilibrium for meeting the well-being needs of today’s workforce and for their demonstrated impact on employee engagement. meQuilibrium’s science-based software helps increase resilience and agility and reduce burnout by empowering employees to self-monitor emotions and activities.”

Free Webinar “The Role of Resilience: Valuing the Voice of the Employee”
meQuilibrium is partnering with TalentCulture to offer the free Zoom webinar, “The Role of Resilience: Valuing the Voice of the Employee” to HR leaders on July 16 at 2:00 pm EDT. Featuring world-renowned resilience expert Andrew Shatte, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, meQuilibrium and globally recognized talent management and HR tech expert Meghan M. Biro, CEO, TalentCulture, the program will describe proven tools and techniques to better manage emotional reactions and deep-seated thinking styles so individuals can more easily move from stress reactions to productive action. Please register by visiting meQuilibrium.

About meQuilibrium
meQuilibrium is the engagement, performance, and well-being solution that harnesses behavioral psychology, AI, predictive analytics and neuroscience to help innovative businesses build workforce potential and navigate uncertain times. By unlocking the power of resilient people and teams, our customers more successfully navigate even the most turbulent of times. Powered by data-driven insights, our solution uses a clinically-validated assessment and robust benchmarking to measure resilience and create personalized upskilling programs, while providing employers with unique cognitive risk and behavioral health data about their workforce.

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