More Employers Offering Stress Management Programs

More Employers Offering Stress Management Programs

Kathryn Mayer for Employee Benefits News

Today, 78% of employers think stress is an issue among their employees, says Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder of Boston-based meQuilibrium, a digital coaching platform. Employers are seeing the manifestation of stress in several ways, including lowered engagement, increased absence, lowered productivity and wellness programs with low participation and low success rates.

Considering those factors, it makes sense that employers are beginning to realize it’s time they do something about employee stress.

Enter resilience building and mindfulness training programs — a hot benefit trend you may not have heard much about.

The programs aim to help people determine root causes of stress, and then train them to alter the way they think about those stressors. It can be an important benefits offering as these programs attempt to offer a long-term solution for stress rather than quick fixes, says meQuilibrium, one of the providers of such providers.

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