Our Hearts are with Those Affected by Irma

Wide-sweeping disasters, such as what the people in Florida are dealing with now, affect people on all levels—at work, at home, and internally—pervading morale. And what’s more; everyone is affected differently. These moments easily shift our perspective and priorities. They remind us that we are all in this together. As you know, your employees need your support now more than ever. Empathy and flexibility will go a long way on the long road ahead.

We’re seeing boundless empathy amongst your communities, and we’re moved by it. It takes an enormous amount of perseverance to not only cope with the devastating losses that a natural disaster brings, but to reach out to one another when you feel your resources are low.

Our research has proven time and time again that remaining calm and focused allows you to problem-solve, even in the toughest of circumstances. Additionally, grit—the ability to rally and persevere through challenges—will help you organize and rebuild. This type of tenacity is difficult because it means treading into uncertain terrain in the months to come. While the road ahead is rocky, you are not alone. You are a true example of resilience in your abilities to persist, especially in the face of uncertainty.

Even in the most resilient communities, there are residual effects after the flood waters subside. We’ve put together a resilience toolkit to offer support and relief to anyone who is directly or indirectly affected. We hope it helps you through this difficult coping process, both in the thick of Irma, and in its aftermath. Your client success manager will be reaching out to you to follow up.

– Jan Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder
– Andrew Shatté, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder