Science has proven that when organizations face uncertainty, empathy decreases and anxiety increases. These behaviors often result in a fixed mindset, averse to the concept of change, which contributes to workforce-wide depletion of energy, exhaustion, and eventually burnout.

Help others through this time, by assessing and upskilling based on where they are in building personal resilience. A resilient mind, in comparison to a fixed mind, is open to learning, adaptable to change, and less likely to experience burnout.

Listening into this conversation, you’ll learn the tools and techniques proven to better manage emotional reactions and deep-seated thinking styles so that employees can more easily move from stress reactions to productive action.


Learning Takeaways

  • Our brains are not wired for change. We don’t like it. The acceleration of the moment is happening. How do we move forward?
  • As managers, there are a lot of people experiencing spikes in anxiety, and frustration, sadness, shame.
  • Understanding that this is an opportunity to evaluate ourselves, teams, and organizations – it’s not all bad.
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