The 2-Part Way to Embrace Uncertainty When Life Feels Out of Control

by Kelsey Clark

This piece originally appeared on MyDomaine

While some manage to find excitement in the unknown, many struggle to embrace the ups and downs that come with living in a state of uncertainty. But unfortunately, uncertainty is perhaps the only constant during life in your 20s and 30s. While life will always exist in a state of limbo, early adulthood in particular is punctuated by rather large question marks: Will I ever get married? If so, when? When will I finally land my dream job? Am I destined to have children? 

When you add the stress of the 2016 election to this equation, the end result can be too much to bear. In fact, some 52 percent of Americans reported feeling mild to significant stress about the election, according to a study from the American Psychological Association. “When it comes to change, we may not always be able to control the outcome, but we can control our response to it,” writes meQuilibrium, a personalized stress management service, for The Huffington Post. “And that’s resilience. It gives you the tools to bounce back from tough situations and thrive in the face of challenges.”

meQuilibrium recommends dealing with uncertainty by doing two things: First, let go of what you can’t control, and second, visualize the best possible scenario playing out. “Recognize that there is only so much you can do right now—and that makes you human, not powerless,” they write. “Things will unfold soon enough…In the meantime, the way you treat yourself is in your control, so be kind!”

When it comes to visualization, avoid actualizing a negative self-fulfilling prophecy by expected things to go well rather than poorly. “Not only will you feel more confident about where you’re headed, you’ll feel calmer and clearer about where you’re at now, which well help with decision-making and boost your odds of success,” they conclude.