The Brief: You May Be More Stressed in the Summer So There’s That

by Meredith Lepore

We finally made it through winter. No more talking about SAD, and the hassles of layering and where we are going to put all those darn blanket scarves. Now it is summer. Time to relax, kick back and see some terrible movies about robots and aliens. But apparently summer may not be as relaxing as you would think. Apparently it is all about the stress. New research from Digital coaching platform meQuilibrium that looked at more than 30,000 members over a two-year period found that their stress levels were up in the summer. It seems that we are a bit more vulnerable in the summer. Besides the obvious stress from FOMO that naturally happens, our sleep schedules, body image, weight control, and eating habits are also altered as we can’t wrap and cover ourselves in a baggy sweater now. Hmm, wonder why the Beach Boys never wrote about that in one of their summer ditties? Plus, there are more family and friend gatherings in the summer and just pressure to do more outside the office. In the winter, if you make it outside to pick up toilet paper, your weekend is considered a success.
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