Tips for Staying Resilient: meQuilibrium Users Weigh In

We could talk resilience all day, but really, the people who use the meQuilibrium program are our biggest inspiration. They examine and change the thoughts patterns that cause stress. They bring unconscious beliefs to the surface to see if they need to be changed. They replace negative habits with positive ones. Here, we proudly share a few pearls of meQuilibrium community wisdom with you—just in time for holiday madness, when you need all the resilience you can get!

On Using Creativity for Stress Relief

“My best friend bakes bread when she’s upset, and says that punching it until she’s calm makes better bread. I tend to write a poem when something has really trespassed on my calm, and only once have I felt the need to share it with the person. That time was about self-destructive behavior, he ‘got it.’ So we both got the benefit of my creativity!”

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On Getting Exercise into Daily Life

“Depending on the age of your kids and if they help you with chores, you can have weekly exercise chore days. I used to put on the kids favorite music (very loudly) and have a “dance while you work” party. Other times we would play Simon Says while doing chores. I’d call out things like touching your toes every 5 steps, being the energizer bunny while putting this away, and so on. I know it isn’t the same as a class, and it will make the chores last longer, but I remember lots of laughter and fun, while getting some exercise.”

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On Seeing Abundance in the World, Instead of Scarcity

“I am 68 years old. I work full time and I have no plans of quitting. I have multiple pets, hobbies, do most of my own home repairs and try to help family & friends in need. I don’t do it for what I get out of it, but because I care and because I hope the way I think will become contagious. I am being rewarded more than I could explain. Because of my deeds of kindness I believe I am mentally & physically 20 years younger than my age.”

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On Eating Well

“Once a week I run down to the neighborhood market at lunch and come back with ridiculous amounts of bananas, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados, clementines. I have a pile on the corner of my desk. I will admit I got a few laughs but I am now enjoying my stash at work which helps for some of the food cravings I get. I will put a sweet potato in the microwave and make myself eat that before grabbing a double cheeseburger from the break room. Most of the time I pass up the cheeseburger. WIN!”

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