WebMD Health Services Adds meQuilibrium Resilience Solution to Well-Being Portfolio

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PORTLAND, Ore., May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — WebMD Health Services today announced the launch of a new well-being solution designed to help consumers gain the skills and tools they need to improve their ability to manage stress and successfully respond to life’s challenges. Delivered through a partnership with meQuilibrium, the new offering expands on Health Services’ current solutions in digital and telephonic coaching, stress management programs and individual challenges.

“The addition of meQuilibrium’s resilience solution to our well-being portfolio will enable us to provide clients with science-based programs that help their employees and members build the necessary skills to adapt and recover from stress, which is one of the biggest impediments to building a healthy workforce,” said Ben Slocum, WebMD Health Services CEO.

Stress can contribute to a variety of significant health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions.1 Eighty percent of workers report that they’ve experienced at least one physical or emotional symptom of stress during the previous month including headache; feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed; or behavioral symptoms such as not exercising, overeating or eating unhealthy foods. And more than 3 in 10 Americans report that their stress has increased in the past year, with 54% citing money and work issues as their primary stressors. 2

“WebMD Health Services recognizes the strong connection between stress and overall well-being, and the importance of delivering holistic solutions that can have a positive impact,” said Michael Sokol, MD, Chief Medical Officer. “meQuilibrium goes beyond the basics of stress management to get at the root cause of stress and worry for each individual. The program enables us to deliver a leading-edge, scientifically validated, personalized solution, identifying those individuals who may be at higher risk for stress, and then helping them build resilience, a crucial skill for well-being.”

The meQuilibrium solution features a personalized resilience assessment and profile, and an action plan that focuses on habits, triggers and thinking styles that can exacerbate stress and negatively impact work and life. The meQuilibrium solution is seamlessly integrated into the WebMD Health Services platform and telephonic coaching, and accessed via a full-suite of desktop and mobile solutions.

“People with resilience – the ability to quickly recover from stress, adapt productive behaviors amidst adversity and thrive – are more likely to have lower rates of absenteeism, increased productivity and a greater receptivity to taking on workplace challenges,” said Jan Bruce, CEO and Co-founder, meQuilibrium. “Our partnership with WebMD Health Services will enable even more people to learn the skills and insights that are needed to improve quality of life both at work and outside of work.”

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About meQuilibrium

meQuilibrium is the only clinically validated human resilience building program. meQuilibrium combines behavioral psychology, neuroscience and data with its proprietary algorithms, on a cloud-based platform, to deliver the insights that spark transformation for individuals and organizations. Resilience is a skill that can be learned and meQuilibrium’s program drives resilience skill building by providing detailed individual and organizational roadmaps to increased resilience so that change can be faced head-on with measurable improvements in well-being, adaptive capacity and performance.


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