Why Money Makes You Stressed

Whether or not we talk about money with our friends and family—and we probably don’t—we rarely touch on the subject at work. It’s embarrassing, even taboo, and it raises questions around self-worth and security. However, money and its attendant worry makes its way into the office all the same—dominating our thoughts and affecting performance and focus.

New research underscores the importance of managing financial worry, and not a minute too soon. A recent study from benefits firm Willis Towers Watson sheds light on the prevalence of financial stress:

  • Workers who reported that money worries kept them from doing their jobs lost nearly two weeks of productivity due to presenteeism in 2015, wherein they reported for work but couldn’t focus or perform due to stress.
  • As many as 59 percent of employees feel disengaged at work due to financial stress.
  • 76 percent of employees believe that they’re facing a less comfortable retirement than their parents’ generation.

You can read the full article on Forbes.com