The people that make your company what it is have something they need you to know: they’re human just like you. They’re not superheroes who can deal with personal grief, community tragedy, and societal upheaval, and move forward unscathed, let alone unchanged. Parents – particularly – are writing the playbook while sprinting down the field.

What people need to think and grow in the face of challenges and what your business needs to thrive for the long-haul are one in the same: organizational resilience. It’s what we do here at meQuilibrium.

Our customers understand the diverse thinking styles, emotional reactions, and change readiness of their workforce with insights on the key resilience factors that drive their behaviors. All of them, representing a cross-function of industries and people leaders, have a workforce dealing with a wide spectrum of COVID-related challenges. From people facing loneliness and isolation, not wanting to be on camera, to families with parents, working from home, and juggling caregiving responsibilities.

Each employee situation is unique, but the uncertainty around what still lies ahead affects everyone’s personal well-being and development. In fact, there is a phenomenon taking place as revealed in the Edelman Trust barometer. Right now, people are looking to their employers, instead of their government, to help them through and to know how to handle what’s next.

This shift in the employer’s role demands a shift in people practices that empower individuals with self agency. Recognize the moment and support the diverse needs of your employees, especially as parents navigate a very different “back to school” this year. With the ups and downs of extreme uncertainty, they need clear and concise guidance and the skills of resilience to help them through.

Read our latest blog, Raising Resilient Kids Right Now, by SVP of Content, Alanna Fincke, on how resilience  helps parents and their children through this moment, so we can move forward, together.

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