Jan has devoted much of last twenty years to pioneering new brands in consumer health, wellbeing, consumer lifestyle and whole person/whole health paradigms. She has a passion for building strong business strategies and cohesive management teams that deliver results. She is widely recognized as an authority on women’s attitudes towards balanced healthy lifestyle and sustainable living. She has a proven record in high growth start-ups and turn‐arounds.

In 2004 Ms. Bruce sold her company, body+soul/whole living, to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and served as their Managing Director for five years, during which time she led the growth of the business: quadrupling the revenues and tripling the circulation, spawning a multi‐platform franchise than includes website, video on demand, a daily radio show and a new green cleaning product‐line.

“Throughout my years as a publisher of women’s health magazines, I heard from thousands of women about their quests for well-being and their desires to regain control of their lives. Their stories were all different, but I noticed a common thread running through them. I realized that simply reading about how to change things wasn’t enough to help people change.

I discovered the need for something like meQuilibrium after a surprising personal epiphany. I was experiencing a fast-track career high point, and instead of being thrilled, I felt like I was at an all-time low. What was keeping me from enjoying the rewards of my work? What was going on in my head? And how could I adjust it? I knew that real self-improvement doesn’t come from taking a pill and wishing problems away. It doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars at medical facilities and high-end spas, either.

As it turns out, lasting balance in your life is the product of self-awareness, setting goals that are doable and a commitment to yourself. That’s what inspired meQuilibrium.”