A few months ago, before we even knew what COVID-19 was, we asked you—our meQ community—to share what you do for fun. Your responses blew us away: You are an amazingly crafty, creative, active group.

We were struck that many of your ideas were perfect to share now, as many of us are at home, facing a new challenge of keeping ourselves—and our family members—optimistic, busy, and entertained.

Here are just some of the many ways you have fun now and throughout the year. We hope you’re inspired to try something new!

1. Channeling Your Creativity 

“Fun is about expressing my creativity through craftsmanship. I love knitting, cross-stitch, and quilting. It has become a form of Zen meditation. I can feel my heart rate and breathe slow. At the end of a session I have a sense of accomplishment.”

Sonya, Quality Account Manager, Fort Washington, PA

2. Savoring Something Sweet

“I love to bake! It is my creative outlet. I love to share the goodies with others and watch as they enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

—Sandra, Staff Assistant, Holyoke, MA

3. Taking on a DIY Project

“I remodeled my outdated house for fun. I started learning tricks for affordable DIY’s. I turn up the music and get to work! I found out that working on home projects, such as painting, actually relaxes me!

—Bonnie, Commercial Account Manager, Oklahoma City, OK

4. Mastering a Craft

Woodworking! After a full day at a desk, it allows me to be active and creative in a different environment. And since I’m new at it, it provides me with a means of accepting failures and ongoing lessons.

—David, Practice Manager, Golden, CO

5. Coloring Outside the Lines

To alleviate the stress of the day, I color. I have several coloring books and sets of coloring pencils and pens, and I express myself in a way that I can’t when I’m seated in front of a computer all day.

—Candice, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Philadelphia, PA

6. Sightseeing

“I pass the time in the depths of a Minnesota winter by puttering along groomed snowmobile trails, toasty warm in my snow gear. Gazing at winter through this lens actually makes it enjoyable!”

—Jessica, Process Analyst, Minneapolis, MN

7. Getting Fresh Air 

“I live to be outdoors. Any chance I have to be outside in the mountains hiking at elevation makes my heart happy.”

—Cody, Senior Training Consultant, Plano, TX

8. Being a Bookworm (Tip: Can do this virtually!)

“Literary conversations over a cup of coffee or glass of wine are a great way to make friends and broaden your reading horizons!”

—Tara, Sales Analyst, Austin, TX 

9. Taking Comfort in a Favorite Show

“I am a solid F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan! Whenever I feel dull, sad or even bored, I watch the series. I have rewatched it a million times and it really makes my day!”

—Aggy, Team Leader, Manila, PH 

10. Making Music

“I began playing the mountain dulcimer to pass the time during the cold Indiana winters. The word dulcimer means “sweet sound” and is perfect for playing melodies, ballads, and old-time tunes.”

—Ann, Senior Polymer Scientist, Warsaw, IN

11. Belting it Out

“I like to sing—off-key and loudly. I turn up the music and really belt it out in the worst singing voice I can muster. It’s simple and fun and makes me feel lighthearted!”

—Jen, Business System Analyst, Heathrow, FL

12. Collecting Something Cool

“One of my hobbies is collecting records. The search for these artifacts is endless and the fun is limitless whether alone or with your pals.”

—Fred, Technical Account Manager, Minneapolis, MN