How do you de-stress? What are your favorites for letting go of tension and anxiety?

In honor of Stress Awareness Month in April, we asked you, our meQ Community, to share your go-to practices and meQ favorites that help you unwind, reset, and recharge. As always, we were blown away by your resilience, wisdom, and creativity.

Which of these tips will you try this month?

Taking “Me Time”

1. “I coach youth soccer and being out on the field with the kids is a great way to take my mind off the busyness of life. I get to the field about an hour early. I put on some music and enjoy some “me time.”  After setting up my practice, I grab a ball and work on some juggling to my favorite songs. When the weather is nice, it’s even better.” —Beanie Clapper, Sales & Shipping Analyst 

2. “I make my green tea and sip on it while reading Cup of Calm. The Cup of Calm truly sets me up for the day and helps me problem-solve my way through the day. After I have “filled my cup” with things that help me, I start getting ready for the day, make breakfast for my kids, and get them off to school in a calm manner.” —Pam, Senior Sales Representative, San Antonio, TX

Meaningful Transitions

3. “I de-stress by taking at least 30 minutes right after I get off work (work from home) to do nothing but either sit and relax or lie down and meditate transition my mind from workflow to home life. I’ve been doing this for years and it helps me to de-stress and keep that balance for the day.” —Sonya, Quality Assurance Specialist, QA CoE, Brockton, MA

4. “Both my husband and I are working from home, so the way we de-stress at the end of the day is to connect to each other and share our day. If it is a nice day, we take a walk together. If not, we sit on the couch, perhaps with a glass of wine, and discuss our day.  We call this ‘commuting’ and it allows us to transition into the evening.” —Nancy, Global Integration and EDI Content Lead, West Chester, PA

Breaking a Sweat

5. “I do stretches or bodyweight exercises in the morning, simple stretches at my desk as I work, and meditation before bed. These things never fail to make me feel better. As strange as it sounds, these relaxing things take work. But I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what I do. What matters is that I consistently do something.” —Eric, Health Editor, Atlanta, GA

6. “My go-to de-stress activity combines two techniques I have learned through meQuilibrium: moderate exercise and recovery with breathing and stretching. I will start with a bike ride around a local lake. I keep the pace moderate so I can experience the sights and sounds while riding. After the ride, I complete my de-stress with stretching and deep breathing for another 15 minutes. After just one hour my body is detoxified and my mind is refreshed!” Don, Lead Sales Representative in Oklahoma City, OK

7. “I de-stress by taking a 30-minute walk daily, usually in the middle of the day. I joined a cause called “Active for Good.” My steps count toward life-saving nutrition packets for children in need, so not only am I walking for my health but also walking for the health of others. Getting away from the computer screen for that mental break gives me a different perspective and energizes me, even if it’s just a quick lap around the block in between meetings.” —Deb, Sr. Manager, TS Operations, NJ

Being in Nature

8. “Weekend hikes are my meditation. Getting outside in the woods and moving my body helps me clear my head and relaxes my mind and body. It is a ritual I look forward to every weekend, and it creates a mental and physical state that allows me to tackle the week ahead with grace.” —Kim, Director Compliance Program Management, New Brunswick, NJ

9. “My two favorite stress release activities are kayaking and hiking with my dog. It’s a bonding time for us while we both observe nature and the world around us. It’s humbling to feel incredibly small while also having a large impact on the world around me. It reminds me that the world is still doing great things all the time, we just have to stop to notice them.” —Emily, CL Sales & Service Sr. Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

Gratitude & Positivity

10. “For me, it’s starting my day with a prayer and affirmation of good for myself, family, and coworkers. I detox with a great cup of tea or coffee reading Daily Cup of Calm or daily inspirations.” —Latoya, Sales Analyst, Jacksonville, FL

11. “My favorite meQ tool to de-stress is the Compassion Meditation before bed. It is a wonderful seven minutes to close out the day remembering that we are all doing our best. I love the reminder to have compassion for myself, my friends, family, colleagues, and all those around me who are learning new things and growing every day.” —Emily, Data and Digital Product Management Leader, NY

12. “A skill I love that I’m learning from meQ is the ‘Write Down 3 Great Things.’ It helps me shift my perspective and keep things positive!!” —Crickett, Associate – US Customer Meeting Services, Indianapolis, IN

Getting Lost in a Hobby

13. “My passion for many years is playing music on my guitar. Holding the guitar, tuning it, and playing gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling where all the cares of the day melt away. —Alec, PMO Coordinator, Fullerton, CA

14. “My favorite activity for de-stressing is baking. Measuring ingredients, kneading dough, and preparing the pans are all calming influences. When the baking is complete I package the items in pretty wrappings and pass them out to neighbors and family. It is calming for me and brings smiles all around.” —Paula, Sales Support, Concord, MA

15. “I create to de-stress. I always have a crochet or knitting project going. While I work, I am able to focus on the person I am creating for. I relax by re-focusing. I feel joy when I am making for others.” —Koleen, RN, Baxter, TN

Good Music

16. “My job has me driving around town and the news can pile on the stress. Over time I’ve created mood playlists on Spotify as a way of taking care of myself. I just pick a mood I’m in or want to be in and let the music work its magic. It also works for spontaneous kitchen dancing with the kids when I get home.” Keri, Littleton, Hospice Social Worker, Colorado

Embracing the Moment

17. “Whenever I feel stressed or worried I always try to do something that pulls me back into the present moment—whether that is a walk, a workout, listening to music, or reading something philosophical.” —Brett, Senior Sales Learning Instructor, Rochester, NY

18. “I take a step outside, breath the fresh air, and see if I can find a bird to watch for a few minutes. This helps me appreciate life and the beauty of the world, and at least forget about stress for a little while.”  —Kate, Senior Director, Product Quality Vigilance, Philadelphia, PA