The case for resilience is strong right now. The power to bounce back from life’s challenges, the grit to keep going, and the ability to grow from even the toughest situations—yes please.

There’s no question that we need these skills. But for many of us, they seem less like skills and more like superpowers—abilities you’re born with or that take too much time and energy to learn. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, plus you already have a lot on your plate.

We hear you. That’s why we’ve put together a program packed with the core skills for building resilience. We call the program “Essentials,” because, well, it is essential to your well-being. Made up of seven short videos from our experts, it’s your go-to kit for stress inoculation.

“Think of it as your personal resilience toolkit,” says Alanna Fincke, meQ head of learning and resilience expert. “The program has everything you need for when times are uncertain or overwhelming, and for when life is going well, too. It supports us across all aspects of our lives, from staying calm and managing stress to boosting positivity and purpose.”

Here’s exactly what’s covered and ways you can begin your practice right now:

1. Build Your Energy

Managing your energy is key to avoiding burnout. And it shouldn’t be all or nothing. It’s about taking small steps throughout each and every day that make a difference over time.

2. Stay Cool Under Pressure

The science of emotions is clear. Our emotions—and our ability to stay calm—are driven not only by the events before us, but also by our thinking habits. What we think drives what we feel and what we do. We’ve created a simple practice to help you examine your thinking and respond better to stress.

3. Handling Change

Ongoing change and uncertainty have been declared one of the greatest threats to our health and well-being. Since there’s no avoiding change altogether, the key is to get better at managing it. You can do this with simple mindset shifts–and practice.

4. Your Mindset is Your Superpower

Does your mindset help or hinder your success? Studies show that believing in your potential to grow and improve is often the very thing that makes it happen. This is called a growth mindset–and it’s key to resilience.

5. The Reward of Positivity

Our brains are wired to focus on the negative. But with this simple practice, you can actually repave those pathways to start scanning for the positive to feel happier and less stressed.

6. The Key to Connection

Empathy, which is the ability to understand another person’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences from their point of view, is the foundation of strong relationships. The act of truly listening is also critical to connecting with others. It helps us better understand what someone else is thinking, which in turn improves our own reactions while strengthening feelings of inclusion.

7. See the Big Picture

Having a strong sense of purpose is critical to building resilience.  It helps you keep things in perspective, as well as stay positive, connected, and engaged.

Each video is reinforced with a short quiz to help solidify your understanding of the topic. Once you complete the Essentials program, you earn your badge. More importantly, you’ll have acquired a primary set of skills that help prepare you for times of uncertainty, so you can adjust when needed–and thrive.

Why wait? Start your Resilience Essentials training today.