Some days feel like a marathon, with double shifts or meetings, calls, and deadlines scheduled back-to-back-to-back, requiring the endurance of a long-distance runner.

These “marathon days” can be a major drain on our energy, focus, and productivity. But they don’t have to be. We asked how you, our meQuilibrium community, how you stay energized, alert, and on your game when your workday is booked to the brim. Here are your tips for powering through:

1. Prioritize and Socialize

“I build empty slots into my calendar and take frequent breaks to get up and move. I review my agenda the night before and set alarms for all appointments. This keeps me focused and on track. Most importantly, I take time to have conversations with my coworkers. Fellowship builds relationships and relieves stress.”—Donna, Mineral Wells, TX

2. Brew a “Cup of Calm”

“Marathon days or not, I start my day right with my own ‘Cup of Calm,’ which is a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how savoring a simple drink can make you feel alert and cozy, calm but full of energy, focused yet creative. Whether it’s setting the mood, taking a break, or just getting through a busy day, I can never go wrong with my cup of coffee.”—Veronica, Cebu, Philippines

3. Acknowledge Your Efforts

“Throughout your day, take time to debrief what you have been able to accomplish and think about what else needs to be done that day. It can be rewarding to appreciate your efforts in finishing tasks. At the end of your day, take five minutes to decompress. Then, review your plan for what will need to be continued for another day.”—Kelly, Little Rock, AK

4. Take Microbreaks

“The key for me is microbreaks. Taking small breaks regularly resets my energy and mood. Run to your mailbox and back at full speed. Close your eyes and do meditative breathing for 2 minutes. Lay down and listen to a podcast for 15 minutes under the covers. Listen to your favorite song at full volume while you do the dishes. A variety of small things keeps the monotony away.”—James, Springfield, IL

5. Check in with Yourself

“During long days, I will stop around 2 or 3 p.m. and find 10 to 15 minutes to close my eyes, meditate, and reflect on what I’m feeling and what is causing me the most stress or anxiety. This helps me feel less overwhelmed. I also will create an updated ‘game plan’ in my head before I go back in to get my long day finished.”—Juliana, Nashville, TN

6. Break Down Big Tasks 

“Break down big tasks into smaller achievable pieces, and then start at the beginning. ‘Even the longest journey begins with a single step.’”—Gilbert, Luxembourg, England

7. Give Your Body a Break

“I beat marathon days by allowing myself brain breaks, doing light yoga stretches when my body feels tense, and making sure I’m hydrated with water. Taking deep breathing breaks have changed my work-life relationship so much. Who knew a few deep breaths could reset and recenter the body so effectively and efficiently?”—Aliska, Baton Rouge, LA

8. Monotask

“My strategy is to laser focus on each item or issue that I’m working on. I try to forget everything else as I work through that issue. If it’s a really tough day, I try to go through the motions of how I would react if I were feeling energized and engaged. Doing this usually brings my focus and energy back to where it needs to be. I find the things I dreaded were typically not nearly as bad as I anticipated.”—Eric, Louisville, KY

9. Start (and End) the Day with Intention

“We get out of bed, put our feet on the ground, and set our intention for the day. Starting each day with gratitude takes charge of both the mind and body. Just like in the morning, we reflect on our day in the evening, too. We have to say goodbye to say hello.”—Tim and SondraSue, Tampa, FL