How to Break Up With Your Stress

We’re stressed about money, our kids, our family, our jobs, keeping up with our social feeds, the list goes on. This kind of ongoing stress rules our hearts and minds—and sometimes even feels like it has become a part of us.

Here at meQuilibrium, we decided to take back control over the things that are stressing us out the most and do what we’d do with a relationship that’s just not working out anymore: Break up with it! Say goodbye, sayonara, so long!

Because, it’s not you…it’s your stress.

We started a campaign—at our office, we each chose one stressor to break up with, wrote it down on a whiteboard, and summoned our resilience-building skills to make small changes to defuse these stress triggers. Of course, we gave it a hashtag (#breakupwithstress) and started posting them on our Instagram. Check out our breakups at @mequilibrium_.

We also did a special Break Up With Stress event here in Boston at Flat Black Coffee, where we asked people to break up with their stress too. And they did! And while everyone’s stressors were slightly different, they were unanimously liberating to break up with.

Now, we’re asking you to join the movement. The holidays are around the corner, and we’ll be entering one of the most stressful times of year. Let’s use resilience to change the way we handle our stress. You have the power to break free from whatever has been stressing you out, and meQuilibrium is here to help!

Elior Moskowitz is an intern at meQuilibrium in the content department. She’s a recent college grad with a dual major in psychology and english.