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What is resilience and its effect on today's workforce?


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You probably know your company has stress. This quick evaluator will help you see just how much. It takes about five minutes and they may be the most productive five minutes you’ll spend today.

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Why Start with Stress

Stress is the New Obesity. But unlike obesity, it creeps up silently or shows up at your company in the form of absenteeism, lost productivity, burn out and rising healthcare costs. And, stress is a #1 inhibitor to adopting other healthy behaviors -- like eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep.

  • $300B/year spent on stress and loss of productivity employee turnover and insurance
  • 80% of workers feel stress on the job; #1 thing they seek help tackling
  • Stress is the “Base of the Iceberg” for top chronic diseases: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity

Yet, most companies still aren’t targeting stress …until it’s too late.

Why meQuilibrium

  • Measurable way for employees to reduce stress and improve outlook and resilience
  • Personalized to each participant; drives optimal results
  • Interactive blend of web, video and mobile makes the program fun, convenient and engaging
  • Science-based, using clinically proven methods from cognitive behavioral therapy that have driven success for more than 15 years
  • Climate report for management unearths deep insights into hidden stress and productivity issues

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meQuilibrium’s Proof

  • 24% increase in wellbeing and mood after 4 weeks
  • 39%+ improvement in feelings of productivity, positive outlook, lowered burnout in 60 days
  • 30%+ voluntary enrollment , without incentives