5 Habits To Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs

5 Habits To Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs

By Gwen Moran

Sometimes the biggest thing holding you back from greater success is something you might not even be aware of.

They’re called “iceberg beliefs,” and they could be major obstacles that you don’t even realize. Andrew Shatté, PhD and chief science officer at meQuilibrium, an employee resilience platform, says that iceberg beliefs are the self-limiting beliefs we have sometimes below the surface of our consciousness. And they can be devastating to our confidence, state of mind, and achievement levels.

“We often find that an iceberg—like ‘I should get everything done perfectly’—drives people to excel, so it really does have an upside. But unfortunately human beings, being what we are, we never get anything done perfectly,” he says. Constantly falling short of that yardstick can lead to sadness, shame, despondency, and frustration, Shatté adds. To root out these beliefs and get rid of them, try these five steps.

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