Donald Trump might be resilient, but it’s not enough to make him president

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While he has definite strengths, three key factors of resilience are holding him back.

The rise of Donald Trump has been fascinating and totally mind-boggling to many Americans. For the first time in months, however, a national poll shows that the Donald is not leading the Republican 2016 primary race, and instead Ben Carson is in first place. With the second Republican debate scheduled Wednesday, it’s an interesting time to look at Trump’s level of resilience, and whether he has what it takes to bounce back, or if it’s more likely that he’ll continue to fall behind.

While it’s clear that plenty of people are in agreement with his politics, Trump’s brash, smug and uncouth behavior is atypical of most presidential candidates. As someone who has studied positive psychology and the power of resilience for more than 20 years, I’ve seen in my work with large corporations, educational institutions and individuals that the power of resilience is critical for someone in a leadership position. Under pressure from the government, the public, international allies and more, the president must be able to handle each situation with confidence and humility, see things for what they are and respond accordingly.

So, is Trump resilient?